Mini Paper Arcade Machine Cabinets

I’m slightly embarrassed (okay, not really) about how excited I was when I found this site the other night. I was up until 2:00am printing Defender on my inkjet printer, cutting out the pattern, and painstakingly gluing everything together. I’m not sure if I expected to be able to drop a small quarter in the front slot to play a MAME version of the game, but it’s still cool having a miniature Defender cabinet on my desk. I’m just about to build the Pac-Man machine (but where is Galaga!?). Wish me luck!

As an aside, I think Midway Arcade Treasures for the Xbox includes the most playable version of Defender that is currently available. In my opinion, the Xbox controller is vastly superior to a joystick/keyboard combination. Who would have guessed years ago that we would eventually be able to play Defender in its original glory on a 64” high-definition screen!?

Comments (4)

  1. Feuyaer says:

    BOoohwohwohowhowho! Three years in the future.

    I just printed off and glued together a Defender, which is now sitting atop my shelf. More tedious than I thought! Oh well, it pretty much requires better paper than normal; I used thick printable paper.

  2. Pyrofer says:

    Inspired by the mini paper cabinets I decided to go one better.

    I built a tiny wooden one.

    That works.

    Check out my site for a mini Tempest machine with working game!

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