Longhorn M7.2 Bits Now Available on MSDN

A little earlier than I had expected (not that I’m complaining), but the Longhorn M7.2 bits are now available for download for MSDN subscribers. The 32-bit version checks in at just under 734MB and requires you to burn an ISO file to a bootable DVD. Start your download before the rest of the world.

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  1. Todd Spatafore says:

    I don’t suppose you have a spare MSDN subscription laying around?

  2. No need to burn a dvd. Just use undisker to mount the image. Search google by "undisker" and get it.

  3. Great suggestion, Anatoly! I didn’t even think about that. Looks like a very handy tool: http://www.undisker.com/

  4. Derek Beyer says:

    anyone know what kind of hardware you’ll need to have in order to get this running comfortably?

  5. Well, I installed it in a Virtual PC over the weekend on my Pentium M 1.6GHz laptop with 1GB of memory. Although disk access is relatively slow, using the basic features of the OS is actually okay. Faster would be better, but I was surprised how well it works…definitely an improvement over the PDC release.

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