Cool New Microsoft Optical Mice

Check out a photo of our cool new Wireless IntelliMouse Explorer and Wireless Optical mouse “colors:” Immersion, Night Vision, and Groovy. You can see all of the options at our Microsoft Mice & Keyboards site.

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  1. Sean Terry says:


    Now if we can only get away from having to use batteries or having receivers hanging around. Ooh! What if we attach a "wire" to it and get power from the PC??


    Seriously, MS has been making very nice looking keyboards and mice lately, but I’m miffed at why the nicer designs are only available in the wireless variety.

  2. Funny, Terry…I like the wired power approach…kind of "retro." 🙂

    Personally, I’ve been using a wireless mouse as my primary mouse for the past 4 or 5 years. I’m even a first-person shooter gamer (Quake, Unreal, etc.), and I still like wireless mice. It’s amazing how much "tug" the seemingly insignificant cord puts on a normal, wired mouse…and I doubt you’d even notice it if you hadn’t compared it to the wireless variety.

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