Can’t wait for the rich user interface in Longhorn? In the meantime, check out SphereXP. I haven’t downloaded it, but the videos and screenshots look interesting.

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  1. Ian Hanschen says:

    Eh, it’s interesting. The key thing here is that the applications are not interactive when they are in the 3d environment, basically they seem to just be taking a screenshot of the application and representing it that way in the 3d environment. So basically it’s a 3d task manager. It causes a runtime error and crashes here.

  2. Not bad, but I agree with Ian — the fact is that it just takes a static screenshot of applications as they were when last accessed by you.

    The problem with such an approach is that I can’t leave my email running at a 45-degree and look at new messages at a glance by just briefly rotating my monitor. Instead, I have to click on the app to bring it to real-mode rather than screenshot-mode, which defeats the entire purpose of this system.

    If it provided updating views of applications, this desktop would be amazingly useful for organizing running applications. Nice find nevertheless.

  3. Sounds like they need to extend the ability to update the windows while in the 3D mode. I can see that feature being very useful.

  4. gelaserguy says:

    Not true.  You can right click an item that has been placed in the sphere and make it "active".  Said app, like Outlook is now shown in real time.  I don’t recommend streaming a video in and active window but it truly is active and not just a screen shot.

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