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A couple weeks ago I was invited by the Office Interoperability Team to speak at an event they were hosting in Redmond.  I happy accepted the offer and had a great time presenting a few sessions on EWS best practices.  I also got some time to talk one-on-one with partners attending the event which was great.  Thanks to all those partners who attended and all the great folks in Redmond for hosting the event!

Below are some links to EWS related topics from the Windows Identity and Exchange Protocols Plugfest 2012 which were recorded an posted on Channel9 recently…

Exchange Web Services Overview – Venkat Ayyadevara and Dhiraji Kulkarni are PMs from the Exchange team that own Exchange Web Services.  This session introduces EWS and some important concepts like Autodiscover, Impersonation, the EWS Managed API, etc.  If you are new to EWS this is a good place to start.

Exchange Web Services Best Practices 1 – This was my first session of the event.  This session focuses on reading, writing, and backup/restore via EWS.  I try to introduce the relevant parts of the schema and go deep into some key best practices – much of which I’ve talked about here already.

Exchange Web Services Best Practices 2 – This session goes deep in searching, notifications, and synchronization.  This session covers and expands upon many of the best practices first introduced by Raz Mathias in the Exchange 2010 Developer Webcasts Series that I’ve referenced before.

Exchange Web Services Affinity and Throttling – This is an extremely important topic that would have been great to get information out on sooner.  Michael Mainer first talked about managing cookies and affinity on the Exchange API Spotting blog almost a year ago.  Glen Scales also talked about throttling in an Exchange Online focused MSDN article.  What I try to do here is combine both of those topics and show you how to achieve scale in your EWS application without adjusting default throttling policies.

Exchange Web Services Network Monitor Parsers – TK shares some of the work his team is doing to add intelligent parsing for EWS requests and responses to NetMon.  These parsers will be released soon and will be quite useful for debugging EWS traffic on the wire.

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