INFO: EWS Tips and Tricks Links…

MVP Henning Krause has some good posts about various different tips and tricks with EWS that are worth looking at…

Searching a meeting with a specific UID using Exchange Web Services 2007

Resolving the primary email address with Exchange WebServices ResolveNames operation

Saving custom data on Exchange elements with The Exchange WebServices

…The UID and custom data posts are particularly insightful.  A key takeaway of the UID post is that “schema properties” or “first-class properties” such as UID often are calculated from or directly relate to “extended properties” or “MAPI properties”.  Often times you can workaround a limitation of schema properties by using the related extended property as Henning does with UID and GlobalObjectID.  In the saving custom data post, Henning gives some good background on named properties as well as why choosing the right property set is important…

"One property set is of particular interest, namely the one called PublicStrings. All custom properties created with Outlook are stored in this set. If a custom property is designed to be used by custom Outlook formulas, the developer must choose this property set. In any other case, it is better to create a random GUID and use that property set to prevent collisions with other applications.”

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