FYI: We’re Still Hiring in Charlotte, Las Colinas, and Fargo…

I remember working in Richmond, VA for years thinking how awesome it would be to work at Microsoft.  It always seemed so unrealistic - even if I got past the interview process, I'd still have to move across the country.  Not only would it be a hard opportunity to get but it would be a big personal sacrifice to move.  Well all that changed when I heard about a job in Charlotte, NC with Microsoft.  Microsoft was in Charlotte all this time?!  I had no idea.  It changed everything for me.  I learned about a whole new world of Microsoft that wasn't product development but product support.  Helping people find the right menu item so that they can correctly format text or send an email in Outlook didn't sound too exciting to me but helping some of Microsoft's biggest ISV and business customer's make design decisions and fix their Exchange and Outlook applications was worth investigating.  I found that Developer Support, for me, was a great blend of what I like to do with technology: be creative, learn new things, and communicate with people.  I could do all this without the pressure of unrealistic deadlines laid on me by a bad project specifications/contracts, without travelling to a new city for each project, and with the comfort of the best benefits in the business!

We just hired Rick and we are looking for more good folks who want to work in either Charlotte, Las Colinas, or Fargo on our team.  We are looking for .NET and/or C++ developers with good communication skills, a thirst for knowledge, and the ability to have effective technical discussions with peers and customers.  We don't expect candidates to have Exchange or Outlook development experience necessarily - we can teach you that, you just have to be ready to learn!  Feel free to email or IM me if you think you might be interested in a job in Developer Support for Office or Exchange and want to know more...

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    Working at Microsoft is an experience like not many others. Since graduating from what many consider

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