FYI: We are hiring!

We have a couple job openings (opening 1 & opening 2) on our team.  If you are reading this blog then you must have some interest in what I do day to day.  All of these posts come from cases I have worked so they should give you a good feel for the type of work you would be doing.   Our Messaging Developer Support team supports the API in Outlook and Exchange primarily but we also get into Windows Mail, Outlook Express, and the .NET Framework SMTP mail classes (System.Web.Mail and System.Net.Mail)...

We have a really great team here in Charlotte, NC (to name a few - Dave, Patrick, Walt, Jeff, Steve - he isn't really on our team but we bug him all the time - and Dan) and are looking forward to have some new additions...

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  1. …If Charlotte, North Carolina is too warm for you – on top of the two openings we have in Charlotte,

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