FYI: The Exchange Dev Product Team is Blogging!!

Here is some exciting news...The Exchange SDK team is blogging now at!  This a great opportunity to get some direct access to the members of the product team who are responsible for API development and SDK documentation...

 "...We (the Exchange SDK UE team) coordinate the Microsoft Exchange Development Blog and are made up of our Documentation Manager, Thom Randolph, two Programming Writers, Michael Mainer and, me, Ray Dixon, and our editor, Laura Graham. However, we aren't the only people who will post here. Contributers will also include Microsoft Exchange developers, testers, program managers, and more. In the near future, you will see content that describes techniques used in Microsoft Exchange application development, coding tips, and code samples, among other things..."

...They are looking for feedback too, please let them know what you want to see posted and provide feedback on how we are doing.  These folks are very interested in what goes on in the "real world" of Exchange development..

"...please send us your ideas for blog posts. This helps us tailor the content to you. To share your blog post idea with us, just send an e-mail describing your idea to"

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