FYI: Exchange Team Blog: Exchange 2007/2003 System Management Coexistance…

...More Exchange 2007 information from the Exchange Team Blog about managing Exchange in a 2007 and 2003 coexisting environment.  Mailbox management, creating accounts, managing mailboxes etc. is a big part of Exchange development which is why I'm referencing this post.  Also, the new quasi-development world of Windows Powershell is discussed here.  It is unclear yet as to whether we will consider using the Powershell commands to manage Exchange as development or administration.  The only difference there is if you will come to my developer support team for help or will this be supported by the Administration team.  Either way, our dev team will still need to be versed in Powershell and this is still good stuff to know...

Here are some of the key points on Exchange management from the blog post:

  • Exchange 2007 mailboxes must be managed with Exchange 2007 management console or shell.Exchange 2007 mailboxes MUST NOT be managed with Exchange 2003 tools. Note that this is not blocked, but mailboxes managed from Exchange 2003 ADUC will not be fully functional.

  • Exchange 2003 mailboxes can be edited or removed with Exchange 2007 tools, but cannot be created by Exchange 2007 tools.

  • Exchange 2003 mailboxes can be managed with Exchange 2003 tools.

  • Both Exchange 2003 and Exchange 2007 mailboxes can be moved (in either direction) with the Exchange 2007 tools. Exchange 2003 move mailbox cannot be used to move mailboxes to or from Exchange 2007 mailbox server.
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