FYI: UPDATE COM AddIns in Outlook 2007

If you have COM AddIns written in Outlook 2003 and earlier that you want to know what we are doing to have them run in Outlook 2007 as well or you are going to write an AddIn for Outlook 2007 then you should read this post by Ryan Gregg who is an Outlook PM.  Ryan talks about the backward compatability effort in Outlook 2007 and his work with ISVs to support AddIns in Outlook 2007...

Ryan also talks about some changes to exception handling in Outlook AddIns for the technical refresh.  If you are an AddIn developer be sure to read this section which details changes in how we let AddIns crash Outlook 2007 and the reasons behind that.  There is a new dialog which will prompt after a crash to disable the AddIn or not instead of automatically disabling or not disabling the AddIn without your input.

We put a lot of effort into backward compatability in all our products and part of my job in support is helping costumer and filing bugs for that very purpose...

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  1. Alex says:

    Thanks. The section about disabling and enabling addin is really useful to make Outlook work again after crush. But the problem is still in addins, some of which just don’t work after enabling.
    Hope to see more documentation on Outlook 2007 to solve this problem later.

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