FYI: New Sample Code! CDOEX & WebDAV How To Add Recurrence to

In an effort to provide samples in a organized and repeatable manner, I have created a format for adding code samples to my blog.  The code samples will be added as articles which won't get aggregated here.  You can also check the TOC to get links to the new sample section as they come available (right now I just have CDOEX and WebDAV section).  I will make posts to advertise the new sample additions so that those of you who subscribe to this feed will get notifications but the code itself will be not be in the post.  For example...

After struggling to get this just right for items created in Outlook and OWA, I have samples available that add recurrence to a single appointment using CDOEX and WebDAV...

CDOEX: How To Add Recurrence to a Single Appointment

DAV: How To Add Recurrence to a Single Appointment


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