FYI: Exchange 5.5 has Retired

Well all good things must come to an end, on December 31, 2005 Exchange 5.5 reached the end of its lifecycle.  For me it is the server that started it all, I started my career in Messaging Development against Exchange 5.5 in the consulting world.  It is nice to know we are moving on to such greater things, I'm very excited about Exchange 12 and you should be too.  So while providing the link that announces the end of Ex5.5, I provide you with the preview for Ex12.

...It is also important to note that Exchange 2000 has entered its extended support cycle which means that customers will have to pay for an extended support contract to get support for the product.  So get your free Ex03 trial and start planning your migration!

Updated 1/22/2009 – Fixed broken links.

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