FYI: System.Web.Mail is deprecated use System.Net.Mail

While we are on the topic of System.Web.Mail, it is important to note a new namespace in version 2.0 of the .NET Framework.  There is a brand new namespace for sending mail via managed code, it is called System.Net.Mail.  Have no fear, System.Web.Mail is still accessible in v2.0 but it is deprecated.  (Which means v2.0 won't break your code but you should strongly consider using System.Net.Mail in new development.)  The documentation for System.Web.Mail is updated to reflect this.

This is more than an annoying namespace change.  This is a reimplementation of the mail objects in .NET in order to seperate System.Net.Mail completely from CDOSYS therefore making it a completely managed solution.  In the coming weeks I hope to investigate these new objects further, creating or linking to how-to's, and making sure to point out the major differences between the old and new objects.

...A great improvement of SNM over SWM is that there is not COM interop involved which should greatly improve performance.  Additionally, SWM was merely a wrapper for CDOSYS and only exposed limited functionality available in CDOSYS.  SNM is a complete implementation, I look forward to illustrating how to do things in SNM that weren't exposed by SWM.  Stay tuned...

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