EHLO World!

...It was just too easy to steal from the Exchange Team's blog but I couldn't help myself

Welcome to my new blog, it goes well with my new job!  My name is Matt Stehle and I'm a developer support engineer at Microsoft at the Charlotte campus.  I work in the DS Messaging group which works closely with the Exchange and Outlook product teams to support development against both products.

Supporting these products is tricky business.  There are a lot of API's that do a lot of different things.  Supportability and functionality are often hard things to manage which is why I created this blog to address some of the issues I come across while working with you all.

I believe very strongly in what Product Support means to our products success and want to use this blog to not only educate you on messaging technologies but also PSS in general.  It is important to know what Microsoft does in order to leverage our services to better help you.


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