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Microsoft Partner Info V2.7 brings pinning, support, more perspectives, a new look, and more

Today the new 2.7 version of the Microsoft Partner Info Mobile App released to the Microsoft Windows Phone Marketplace and brings with it a collection of new additions to the Microsoft Partner Info Mobile App. First, let me offer my thanks to all of you that have been submitting your input and feedback to me… Read more

Help! What/where are the key Microsoft partner social media connection points?

Last night, I received an online ping via social media from The VAR Guy (@TheVARGuy) asking for a little direction and assistance from a social media perspective when it comes to navigating and following the information coming out of Microsoft. After all, I don’t think you will find many people that would say that there… Read more

Kinect for Windows now available! Information and resources for you.

Yesterday we announced the availability of Kinect for Windows,now both from the hardware perspective as well as the SDK perspective. This is a very exciting announcement and will unlock a ton of potential for developers everywhere. I can’t wait to see what this enables! With this announcement, I thought I would share some of the… Read more

Microsoft Partner Info V 2.3 is now live in Windows Phone Marketplace

Overnight, the new V 2.3 version of the Microsoft Partner Info Mobile App for Windows Phone went live in the Windows Phone Marketplace. For those of you that currently have a previous version of the Microsoft Partner Info Mobile App installed on your phone, you too probably received the update notice this morning letting you… Read more

Microsoft Partner Info V 2.2 mobile app now on Windows Phone Marketplace

Since the initial V 1.0 release of the Microsoft Partner Info mobile app in May, it has continued to evolve in terms of interface and information that it brings directly to the phones of partners everywhere based on input and feedback we have received from our partners on what they would like to see. Today,… Read more

WPC 11 Day one – What a start! Here’s some of the great things from WPC 11 day one for you…

Day one of the 2011 Worldwide Partner Conference is now behind us and what a start to the conference it was! This year more than ever, not only can the attendees who are joining us here live be a part of the excitement but also partners around the world can join in on numerous parts… Read more

See Microsoft Windows Phone “Mango”– Video Collection

Today brings with is a bunch of exciting news on the Windows Phone platform, starting off with the Microsoft Windows Phone Press Conference that kicked off at 7:00 AM PDT today. With all of this excitement over the next release of Windows Phone “Mango,” I am sharing a collection of videos we have available on… Read more

Microsoft Acquires Skype–Watch the Live Press Conference

This morning, Microsoft confirmed the acquisition of Skype, the leading Internet communications company. This is a very exciting announcement when you start to think about the combination of the technologies that Microsoft and Skype bring together and the possibilities of what they may become together in the future! (It’s been fun already this morning watching… Read more

Some of the top information you may have missed

As I have mentioned here in the past, I look to share information with partners across a variety of platforms, some of which include: my Blog, my Twitter account, and my LinkedIn account. Through these various communications, I often share links to a variety of resources, information, downloads, and more that I believe partners will… Read more

Did you miss any of these resources and links from this past week?

It is hard to believe how fast this week has flown by and that it is Friday already; however, in looking back over the past 7-10 days, it has been a very busy time with lots of information being shared and discussed and great feedback from partners about these. Some of you may remember back… Read more