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Who are the top influencers? Final week to vote…

For all of you in the SMB market, you know that “community” and “peers"are a very important part of what you do and one of the key ways that information gets shared, questions get answered, and ideas are brought to life. Because of this, knowing who the key influencers are in this space is a… Read more

Windows Phone discount program for partners now includes monthly specials

Last year at Worldwide Partner Conference 2011, we announced the launch of the Windows Phone discount program for our partners that had earned a competency within the Microsoft Partner Network. Through this special discount offer, Microsoft partners who currently hold at least one competency may be eligible for savings that make it easy and cost-effective… Read more

Officially announced: Small Business Competency in the Microsoft Partner Network

Here is some very exciting news for all of our partners that focus on the small business segment. Today, Julie Bennani made the official announcement of a Small Business Competency coming to the Microsoft Partner Network, with a launch date of June, 2012! (You can read Julie’s post in her blog in the “Perspectives” section… Read more

The top posts of 2011, and of all time

Welcome to 2012, everyone! I certainly hope you all had a fantastic holiday season and New Year’s Day. To kick off the 2012 year, I thought it might be fun to look back at 2011 quickly to see which of the posts here on the blog you all came to and visited the most. With… Read more

Microsoft Partner Info V 2.3 is now live in Windows Phone Marketplace

Overnight, the new V 2.3 version of the Microsoft Partner Info Mobile App for Windows Phone went live in the Windows Phone Marketplace. For those of you that currently have a previous version of the Microsoft Partner Info Mobile App installed on your phone, you too probably received the update notice this morning letting you… Read more

Microsoft Partner Info V 2.2 mobile app now on Windows Phone Marketplace

Since the initial V 1.0 release of the Microsoft Partner Info mobile app in May, it has continued to evolve in terms of interface and information that it brings directly to the phones of partners everywhere based on input and feedback we have received from our partners on what they would like to see. Today,… Read more

New mobility competency benefits + Windows Phone hardware and service plan discounts for partners

For those of you that were at Worldwide Partner Conference 2011 with us in Los Angeles, you may have heard the exciting announcements that were made for our partners that obtain or have the Mobility competency as well as for all partners with competencies in regards to Windows Phone hardware and service plan discounts. For… Read more

Microsoft Partner Info V 2.0 now available for Android devices

Just before Worldwide Partner Conference a few weeks ago, I announced the Version 2.0 of the Microsoft Partner Info app for Windows Phone was releasing with several new categories of information as well as a new interface: Microsoft Partner Info V. 2.0 is here with WPC app integration and more! In that post, I mentioned… Read more

Congratulations to all of the U.S. FY11 SMB Partner Awards winners!

The FY11 U.S. SMB Partner Award winners from the East Region, Central Region, and West Region were announced on July 13th at an exclusive SMB Awards Reception at the Rivera Restaurant in downtown Los Angeles during our 2011 Worldwide Partner Conference. Cindy Bates (@Cindy_Bates), Vice President of U.S. Small and Medium Business was on hand… Read more

Final week to take advantage of the WPC11 Competency Exam Pack offer

The week before Worldwide Partner Conference 2011, I put up my Up to 40% savings with the Worldwide Partner Conference Competency Exam Pack offer post here on the blog telling you about a very exciting offer for all attendees of WPC 11. Through the WPC11 Competency Exam Pack offer, All employees of partner companies that… Read more