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Microsoft Office 365 Beta now open to the public! Information and resources for you.

Today, Microsoft announced the public availability of the Office 365 beta in a total of 38 markets and 17 languages in all! You may recall the October 19th announcement of Office 365 and all that Office 365 is bringing into reach for businesses of all sizes around the world. Microsoft Office 365, which replaces Business… Read more

Microsoft Office 365 – Videos, demos, resources, and more information for you

Earlier today, I posted about our Microsoft Office 365 announcement as well as the announcement of the beta for Microsoft Office 365.  In that post I included several links to things like the beta program, Microsoft partner page for Microsoft Office 365, the Microsoft Office 365 website, the Microsoft Office 365 Twitter & Facebook accounts,… Read more

Introducing Microsoft Office 365: Bringing the power of big business IT to the masses and outlining a new frontier for the Office business!

Today in San Francisco, with customers and partners, Microsoft is very happy to announce Microsoft Office 365, which brings with it a transformational moment for Microsoft and the solutions we provide to companies around the world, as well as outlining a new frontier for our Microsoft Office business. According to Kurt DelBene, President of the… Read more

Microsoft cloud computing & cloud services – So much more than just BPOS

“Cloud” – Now there’s a topic that I had multiple conversations with Microsoft partners about at Worldwide Partner Conference, as well as one that was covered in many presentations, communications, sessions, updates, etc. both at Worldwide Partner Conference but also since then.  One thing that I have heard or seen several times, and why I… Read more

Microsoft Small Business Solutions Brochure – Exclusive offer for my Blog readers

Have you seen the Microsoft Small Business Solutions Brochure that the Microsoft U.S. Small Business Team put together earlier this year? This is a full-color, 22-page, customer-ready brochure showing the various technologies designed for Small Businesses by Microsoft. In addition, there is a built-in leave behinds folder where deliverables, contact information, etc. can be inserted… Read more

Register today for the 3rd annual Microsoft Small Business Summit

Two years ago, we launched the very first Microsoft Small Business Summit, a multi-day online event for Small Businesses around the world. From the very first event, customers, Partners, and press have been raving about the Small Business Summit as a “must-see” event. If you missed the first two Microsoft Small Business Summits, boy did… Read more

This is the same Microsoft, right???

Sometimes you just have to sit back and ask yourself, “Now how does that happen?”  Often times, those are times when you have to laugh to yourself about how the basics just sometimes get overlooked.  This morning was one of those times and I caught myself asking, “So the Microsoft you work for is the… Read more