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Announcing the new Microsoft Info Partner Mobile App for Windows Phone

I am very happy to announce that the new Microsoft Info Partner mobile app for Windows Phone, which is now available for download in the Windows Phone store. This Windows Phone mobile app brings you Microsoft resources, information, insights, tips, and more, delivered right to your phone, when and where you want it. Included is… Read more

What’s up with your Microsoft Information Partner app, Eric?

Ok, let’s address some questions I’ve been getting lately about my Microsoft Information Partner Windows Phone mobile app (blank feeds, no Twitter, can’t download), and some questions I expect, given my announcement today: “Announcing the new Microsoft Info Partner Mobile App for Windows Phone.” If you’ve been a Microsoft Partner for awhile, or following me… Read more

Almost 150 FREE Microsoft eBooks, covering Windows 7, Windows 8, Office 2010, Office 2013, Office 365, Office Web Apps, Windows Server 2012, Windows Phone 7, Windows Phone 8, SQL Server 2008, SQL Server 2012, SharePoint Server 2010, SharePoint Server 2013,

FREE! Now there’s a word that everyone can get excited about, right? Well, after looking at the results of the three “Free Microsoft eBooks” posts I have shared here this fiscal year (Microsoft’s fiscal year is July 1 – June 30), it is amazing to see the excitement that has come about from them and… Read more

I’d love your vote again this year in the 2013 SMB 150 Awards

It’s that time of year again, the voting for the 2013 SMB 150 is here. Last year, I had the honor to be nominated for and selected as a member of the SMB 150, an award that honors individuals who have made a significant impact on the worldwide small and medium business (SMB) channel. Well,… Read more

Windows SBS 2011 through SPLA: Answers to “What to order now?”

This past week, I received questions from a couple partners regarding their current clients who are licensed for Windows SBS 2011 through the Services Provider License Agreement (SPLA) and what should they order now and for how long. After conveying the information back to them, I received a simple request asking where the information is… Read more

Recommended Small Business Scenarios with Windows Server 2012 Guide Available for Download

Back at Worldwide Partner Conference, several of us from Microsoft sat in a room with our SMB PALs from around the world and discussed small business server solutions moving forward with the arrival of Windows Server 2012 Standard and Windows Server 2012 Essentials. One of the asks from the partner community was, “We need an… Read more

Announcing Virtual Chat, Dynamic Updating, and more now in the Microsoft Partner Info Mobile App v3.0

As you know, the Microsoft Partner Info Mobile App was originally launched with the concept of helping you, our Microsoft partners, more easily find and connect with information here at Microsoft. With the new 3.0 version of the Microsoft Partner Info Mobile App, which is now available in the Windows Phone Marketplace, we are expanding… Read more

2012 Microsoft Partner Of the Year Award Winners and Finalists Announced! Congratulations to you all!

Today, Microsoft announced the 2012 Microsoft Partner of the Year Award winners and finalists. These winners and finalists were selected from nearly 3,000 entries coming in from over 100 countries! Wow, that’s an impressive number of submissions, partners! Thank you to all of you that submitted your entries into this year’s awards as you should… Read more

Microsoft Small Business Competency is here! Plus a $999 special (~46% discount!) promotional offer and more competency details!

I am extremely happy to share with all of you that the Microsoft Partner Network Small Business Competency is now available! In addition to this very exciting news that I know many of you have been waiting anxiously for, we have continued to have conversations with and listened to feedback from you, our partners, and… Read more

What are the benefits of the Microsoft Partner Network Small Business Competency?

As you know, I have been sharing several pieces of information here on my blog about the upcoming Microsoft Partner Network Small Business Competency which launches in June. What has been fantastic is the amount of feedback all of you have been sharing with me through the blog, though email, in online forums, in phone… Read more