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Online computer security: Protecting yourself, your kids online, your computer, and more.

At Microsoft, we take online safety very seriously. This spans across products, communications, education, awareness, and much more. To help people everywhere understand more about the potential threats that exist today, as well as steps you can take to help protect yourself, your family, your kids online, your computer security, and more, we have produced… Read more

Looking to provide refurbished PCs? What you need to know about the Microsoft Refurbisher Program

On the way home from an offsite meeting yesterday afternoon, I had a voicemail from a colleague of mine here at Microsoft that I used to work with quite a bit when I was back in our Midwest District on the U.S. Team saying that he has a partner looking to get into refurbishing PCs… Read more

Want to know what Microsoft software is installed on your PC and network?

 From time to time, I see or receive questions about how to find out what Microsoft software is installed on a PC or on a network. Doing a software inventory is a very important step in helping your business and that of your clients to maintain a good Software Asset Management (SAM) plan as well… Read more

November lawsuits announced to help protect customers and Partners against counterfeit software

In our efforts to continue to help protect our legitimate Partners and customers from the dangers of counterfeit and illegal software, Microsoft continues to work to identify and pursue those creating, offering, and selling these items into the market. In case you had not seen the list earlier, we have posted our latest round of… Read more

If you see someone trying to sell "AE" software to businesses, RUN!

A Partner forwarded me an email earlier showing a website offering Microsoft Office “AE” Edition: (Click image for larger size) The “AE” stands for Academic Edition, and unlike what they state in the image (circled in red), there are special requirements on who can purchase it and who can use it.  If you look at… Read more

Did I get your attention? (Fire your consultant!)

As I expected, since publishing my, “Business owners: Fire any consultant who tries to sell you Office 2003, especially Retail Box,” post, I have received several comments on the Blog as well as many offline emails, etc. regarding the post and the headline I chose to post it under. Why did I choose that headline?… Read more

Business owners: Fire any consultant who tries to sell you Office 2003, especially Retail Box

  I post this because I actually saw a reseller earlier today trying to locate Office 2003 Retail Box product to sell to their customer.  If you are that customer and you read this, it may be time to find a new consultant!  Why?  Many, many, many reasons but it mostly comes down to one… Read more

OEM Microsoft Office and OEM Microsoft Windows licensing. The things you need to know and be aware of.

OEM Microsoft Office and OEM Microsoft Windows licensing is a topic that seems to again be generating questions and there are plenty of people out there who are illegally taking advantage of others to trying to make a quick profit by selling counterfeit or unlicensed software.  Here are the facts and answers to many of… Read more

Latest rounds of lawsuits to help protect Partners selling legitimate software posted

It has been awhile since I have provided the latest update on some of the actions we are taking to help protect our legitimate providers of Microsoft software in the channel against those who choose to distribute counterfeit, illegal, mis-channeled, unbundled, etc. software.  This is also a reminder of why you should always be acquiring… Read more

Say goodbye to Microsoft Office 2003

As you know, Microsoft Office 2007 launched for Business customers through Volume Licensing in November of 2006 and went to general availability through Retail Box and OEM in January of 2007.  As such, now is a great time to educate your customers on the benefits and features of the 2007 Microsoft Office system.   After… Read more