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How to enter and win a Microsoft Partner of The Year Award at Worldwide Partner Conference 2014

Winning a Microsoft Partner of the Year Award not only showcases the capabilities and solutions your company brings to the market, it also brings your company positive press coverage (including: being acknowledged in press releases, award logos, local press templates, and web banners), which can lead to even greater market recognition, as well as trophies,… Read more

Top posts, milestones, anniversaries, and more from 2013

As we kick off 2014 and say good-bye to 2013, I thought I’d take a few quick moments to look back and recap some of the milestones, anniversaries, top posts, etc. from 2013 in case you might have missed them. After all, we all know how hectic our days can become in this fast paced… Read more

Announcing the new Microsoft Info Partner Mobile App for Windows Phone

I am very happy to announce that the new Microsoft Info Partner mobile app for Windows Phone, which is now available for download in the Windows Phone store. This Windows Phone mobile app brings you Microsoft resources, information, insights, tips, and more, delivered right to your phone, when and where you want it. Included is… Read more

What’s up with your Microsoft Information Partner app, Eric?

Ok, let’s address some questions I’ve been getting lately about my Microsoft Information Partner Windows Phone mobile app (blank feeds, no Twitter, can’t download), and some questions I expect, given my announcement today: “Announcing the new Microsoft Info Partner Mobile App for Windows Phone.” If you’ve been a Microsoft Partner for awhile, or following me… Read more

Free Microsoft Office training, resources and more. How to get them.

Yesterday I had the distinct pleasure to spend time in the afternoon visiting with one of our customers located here in the local area. It was a great opportunity to tour their facilities, talk with the key stakeholders of the company, learn more about their operations, hear about the prior, current, and future plans for… Read more

Sharing out some of the “KTisms” from Worldwide Partner Conference 2013 Day 3

During yesterday’s Worldwide Partner Conference Day 3 Vision Keynotes, the stage was once again taken by Kevin Turner this year. Now I can’t speak for each and every one of you, my readers around the world, but I can say (and have said before) that Kevin Turner is always one of my favorite speakers of… Read more

What you should know for Worldwide Partner Conference Day 4.

How quickly it has come and how quickly it has gone. Can you believe we are here on Day 4, the final day, of Worldwide Partner Conference 2013? Before we get into the overview of today, how about that amazing Worldwide Partner Conference Partner Celebration last night at Minute Maid Park?!?!? That was fantastic! I… Read more

Worldwide Partner Conference 2013 Day 3. Things you need to know…

Here we are, two full days into WPC13 and getting ready to kick off Day 3! For Day 3, we’re back to the original format, which means kicking the day off with our Vision Keynotes. Because of this, we are going to be beginning the day over at the Toyota Center again like on Day… Read more

Ready for Worldwide Partner Conference 2013 Day 2? Some things to know…

Welcome to day 2 of Worldwide Partner Conference 2013! Yesterday was a fantastic start to the conference, I thought, and it was wonderful to see and hear so much positive feedback and excitement from the partners both here at the conference, as well as those joining virtually through social media. For those of you that… Read more

Welcome to Worldwide Partner Conference 2013 Day 1! Some things to know…

Welcome, everyone, to Worldwide Partner Conference 2013 Day 1 here in Houston! I’m very excited for another WPC together with you all and looking forward to connecting with you here in Houston. Remember, I’m looking forward to the 2013 Fantastic People of Worldwide Partner Conference, so be sure to come up and say, “Hi,” while… Read more