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Updates coming to Microsoft Volume Licensing Service Center (VLSC) – An improved MSDN subscription administration experience

This week, we will be bringing a new MSDN subscription administration experience to the Microsoft Volume Licensing Service Center that will not only provide you with a new, improved look, but it will also provide a simplified and improved subscription management experience, matching the look and feel of other VLSC functionality and with fewer clicks…. Read more

Microsoft Partner Network Interactive Leadership Forum replay now available

As you may recall, earlier this week we hosted the latest Microsoft Partner Network Interactive Leadership Forum session, which gives you, our partners around the world, the chance to hear directly from the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Group leadership team here at Microsoft headquarters in Redmond on what’s new, what we’re thinking about, and what we… Read more

Check out Windows Store, Windows 8 App Development Contest and more Windows 8 Information and Resources

Ever since /build, the excitement over Windows 8 has continued to grow and grow and grow. Lately, there have been several pieces of information, announcements, resources, and more that have come out around Windows 8, including several yesterday, so I thought I’d share a collection of some of the ones I’ve found interesting and thought… Read more

Microsoft Partner Info V 2.3 is now live in Windows Phone Marketplace

Overnight, the new V 2.3 version of the Microsoft Partner Info Mobile App for Windows Phone went live in the Windows Phone Marketplace. For those of you that currently have a previous version of the Microsoft Partner Info Mobile App installed on your phone, you too probably received the update notice this morning letting you… Read more

Microsoft Partner Info V 2.2 mobile app now on Windows Phone Marketplace

Since the initial V 1.0 release of the Microsoft Partner Info mobile app in May, it has continued to evolve in terms of interface and information that it brings directly to the phones of partners everywhere based on input and feedback we have received from our partners on what they would like to see. Today,… Read more

Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Visual How Tos

One of the key things I like to share here on the blog is any resource I find here at Microsoft, or elsewhere, that I think would be particularly helpful or interesting to you, as you have probably noticed in several of my past “resources for you” posts, such as these examples: Microsoft Lync 2010… Read more

Microsoft Partner Info V. 2.0 is here with WPC app integration and more!

Here is some exciting news for all of the partners out there. Today the new version 2.0 of the Microsoft Partner Information mobile app released into the Windows Phone Marketplace and it brings with it a bunch of new enhancements, many based off your direct input and feedback, as well as some features to enhance… Read more

Announcing Microsoft Office 365 availability in 40 countries worldwide! Information and resources for you.

This morning in New York, we held a live event with Steve Ballmer where we announced that Microsoft Office 365 has reached the General Availability milestone, meaning it is now readily available in 40 countries and 20 languages around the world. It was fantastic to see the incredible amount of buzz and excitement throughout the… Read more

Microsoft Tech-Ed North America 2011 – How to view and access information, videos and resources

As many of you know, Microsoft tech-Ed North America kicked off yesterday morning in Atlanta and continues through Thursday of this week. Now what if you are not able to be at Tech-Ed 2011? Well, too bad for you. No, I’m just kidding. While we would absolutely love to have as many of you as… Read more

Some of the top information you may have missed

As I have mentioned here in the past, I look to share information with partners across a variety of platforms, some of which include: my Blog, my Twitter account, and my LinkedIn account. Through these various communications, I often share links to a variety of resources, information, downloads, and more that I believe partners will… Read more