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2012 Microsoft Partner Of the Year Award Winners and Finalists Announced! Congratulations to you all!

Today, Microsoft announced the 2012 Microsoft Partner of the Year Award winners and finalists. These winners and finalists were selected from nearly 3,000 entries coming in from over 100 countries! Wow, that’s an impressive number of submissions, partners! Thank you to all of you that submitted your entries into this year’s awards as you should… Read more

Microsoft Partner Info V2.7 brings pinning, support, more perspectives, a new look, and more

Today the new 2.7 version of the Microsoft Partner Info Mobile App released to the Microsoft Windows Phone Marketplace and brings with it a collection of new additions to the Microsoft Partner Info Mobile App. First, let me offer my thanks to all of you that have been submitting your input and feedback to me… Read more

How to get your WPC 2012 Partner Award nominations in now. Time is running out!

With each passing day, we get another day closer to Worldwide Partner Conference 2012, which is July 8-12th in Toronto this year. I absolutely love Worldwide Partner Conference and it is by far my favorite conference of the year! What is also getting closer with each passing day is the deadline to get your Worldwide… Read more

Help! What/where are the key Microsoft partner social media connection points?

Last night, I received an online ping via social media from The VAR Guy (@TheVARGuy) asking for a little direction and assistance from a social media perspective when it comes to navigating and following the information coming out of Microsoft. After all, I don’t think you will find many people that would say that there… Read more

Windows Phone discount program for partners now includes monthly specials

Last year at Worldwide Partner Conference 2011, we announced the launch of the Windows Phone discount program for our partners that had earned a competency within the Microsoft Partner Network. Through this special discount offer, Microsoft partners who currently hold at least one competency may be eligible for savings that make it easy and cost-effective… Read more

What you may be missing: Resources from March 2-9 and who’s sharing what

From week to week, I share a bunch of different content across a multitude of my various online presences, such as through my blog, my Twitter account, my LinkedIn account, and my Facebook account. Across these different online resources, the content shared is not always the same, nor is everything shared equally through them. As… Read more

How to watch the Steve Ballmer Microsoft 2012 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) keynote speech

Tonight at 6:30 PM PST, Microsoft CEO, Steve Ballmer, will deliver the 2012 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) Microsoft keynote address, and you are all invited to join us for it. That’s right! Even if you are unable to be at CES in person, you will be able to watch Steve Ballmer’s Microsoft 2012 CES… Read more

Microsoft Partner Info V 2.2 mobile app now on Windows Phone Marketplace

Since the initial V 1.0 release of the Microsoft Partner Info mobile app in May, it has continued to evolve in terms of interface and information that it brings directly to the phones of partners everywhere based on input and feedback we have received from our partners on what they would like to see. Today,… Read more

Microsoft Partner logo, branding, naming updates revealed at #WPC10

Yesterday at the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference, Jon Roskill revealed some updates to the upcoming Microsoft partner branding/naming for partners in the Microsoft Partner Network during the keynote address.  As I mentioned on my Twitter account during the keynote, I am posting this updated naming/branding here on my Microsoft blog not only to show you… Read more