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The Big Easy 10 Offer is back! Claim your money now.

Several years ago, we introduced a The Big Easy Offer, a program that provides Microsoft partner subsidy dollars to companies that purchase qualifying Microsoft products through various Volume Licensing programs, such as the Open Business, Open Value, and Open Value Subscription programs. Since that time, The Big Easy has become, and still remains, one of… Read more

How to Sell Office 365 through Open License and Full Packaged Product – What Partners Need To Know

Back in January, I put up a post Announcing Office 365 through Open and the New Office availability! In there I mentioned the announcement we had made about the upcoming availability of Office 365 through Open, which is an incredibly exciting opportunity for our partners everywhere that have been asking for the ability to offer… Read more

Collection of more than 40 Windows 8 Partner skills and training resources for you

To help keep you up to date on some of the new, as well as some of the existing Windows 8 skills development and training resources we have available for you, I am sharing a collection of February updates here for you to use: What’s New: New in the Partner Learning Center (PLC): Pitch Perfect:… Read more

Windows SBS 2011 through SPLA: Answers to “What to order now?”

This past week, I received questions from a couple partners regarding their current clients who are licensed for Windows SBS 2011 through the Services Provider License Agreement (SPLA) and what should they order now and for how long. After conveying the information back to them, I received a simple request asking where the information is… Read more

The Big Easy Offer is back, and don’t forget about Cloud Easy too!

Last month I told you about the “Cloud Easy” partner subsidy program that was announced and launched for partners in the United States. As I mentioned at the time, Cloud Easy is very similar to the very popular “Big Easy Offer,” only it is specifically aligned with our Microsoft online solutions. Well, I am very… Read more

Announcing Virtual Chat, Dynamic Updating, and more now in the Microsoft Partner Info Mobile App v3.0

As you know, the Microsoft Partner Info Mobile App was originally launched with the concept of helping you, our Microsoft partners, more easily find and connect with information here at Microsoft. With the new 3.0 version of the Microsoft Partner Info Mobile App, which is now available in the Windows Phone Marketplace, we are expanding… Read more

Worldwide Partner Conference 2012 Day 2 Vision Keynotes – Satya Nadella, Kirill Tatarinov, Brad Smith, Laura Ipsen, and Charles Thomas Gruhler. How to watch and participate online and at WPC

HOW TO: VIEW THE LIVE STREAM HERE. (Starts at 9:00 am EST) Welcome to Day 2 of Worldwide Partner Conference 2012. After an amazing start to the conference yesterday, the Day 2 Vision Keynotes are going to bring a ton more exciting information for our partners around the world. Just like yesterday, the first of… Read more

2012 Microsoft Partner Of the Year Award Winners and Finalists Announced! Congratulations to you all!

Today, Microsoft announced the 2012 Microsoft Partner of the Year Award winners and finalists. These winners and finalists were selected from nearly 3,000 entries coming in from over 100 countries! Wow, that’s an impressive number of submissions, partners! Thank you to all of you that submitted your entries into this year’s awards as you should… Read more

Microsoft Partner Info V2.7 brings pinning, support, more perspectives, a new look, and more

Today the new 2.7 version of the Microsoft Partner Info Mobile App released to the Microsoft Windows Phone Marketplace and brings with it a collection of new additions to the Microsoft Partner Info Mobile App. First, let me offer my thanks to all of you that have been submitting your input and feedback to me… Read more

How you can help shape the future of the Microsoft Volume Licensing Service Center (VLSC) by sharing your opinions

How would you like to help shape the future of the Microsoft Volume Licensing Service Center (VLSC), such as the License Summary and the Relationship Summary, as well as the future design of our next generation Licensing Applications? If so, then you will be very interested in this opportunity. Right now, our Worldwide Licensing and… Read more