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Ask Partner – Great Partner support resource from Microsoft UK!

Here is a great Partner support initiative and resource that the Microsoft UK Team has put in place for Partners called, “Ask Partner.”  Ask Partner is a Microsoft call centre service that provides Microsoft UK Partners with pre-sales product and service information and helps answer queries relating to Microsoft products, licensing and Microsoft Financing. UK-based… Read more

Partner Resources From WPC09 – Are you using them yet?

Here we are, a few weeks post-WPC09.  Most of us have settled back into our daily routines and are working each day to drive more business for our respective companies.  Many of you brought back notes, ideas, and more from WPC09 with plans to do many things with them; however, often times, people settle back… Read more

Microsoft Gear Up Worldwide Sales Toolkit Cheat Sheet

Back in November, I put up a post letting you know about how the Microsoft Gear Up Sales Toolkit will now be available online. If you have not used the Gear Up Sales Toolkit yet, you really should, since it combines a wealth of information for you and your staff! Now, to make it even… Read more

UK Partners – Have you subscribed to the Microsoft UK Partner RSS feed yet?

If you are a Microsoft Partner in the UK, here is a great opportunity for you to get tuned in to some great information from the Microsoft UK Team. The Microsoft UK Partner RSS feed provides you with information and updates on a variety of topics ranging from events, sales & marketing, hosting, Small Business… Read more

Get answers to your licensing questions live next week! Be sure to register today…

So, anyone here ever had a question about licensing? I’m guessing probably not. So, how many of you have had A LOT of questions about licensing (not just A question)? Now we’re probably a little closer, right? Well, here’s your chance to get answers to many of those questions in a live session next week… Read more

The Microsoft Small Business Summit is coming October 14-16th. Are you ready?

Over the past few years, the Microsoft Small Business Summit has continued to grow and receive rave reviews from customers and Partners everywhere. This year, the Microsoft Small Business Summit is going to be bigger and better than ever! In addition, there are even more ways for you as Microsoft Partners and for SMB customers… Read more

Replay of “5W/50 Series – More Money through Higher-Value Transactions with SMB Customers” available online

A couple of weeks ago, I presented one of the 5W/50 series of webcasts along with John Nicolau of VantagePoint Partners, an SBSC Partner out of the Midwest. This session was an encore presentation of the live seminar we gave at Worldwide Partner Conference this year based on the feedback we received from the session… Read more

In-person licensing bootcamps coming to the East Region. Register today!

We have run in-person licensing bootcamps across the US in the past and the feedback has continued to be phenomenal regarding how valuable these sessions have been for the Partners who have attended. Now, you have the chance to attend the next wave of in-person licensing bootcamps. If you have ever asked one or more… Read more

Training designed to grow your business – Are you taking advantage of 5W/50?

The 5W/50 webcast series was launched last year to provide companies with access to technical, sales, and business training to help you grow your businesses. Since that time, the feedback from Partners on the 5W/50 Series has been incredible! This year, the 5W/50 series has been extended and is offering a wealth of information that… Read more

Hear from your peer on how to substantially grow your business by combining Open Value/Open Value Subscription with Microsoft Financing

One of the great parts of my job is getting opportunities like Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC) to talk with the Microsoft Partners from all across the country and the world and get real life feedback on how things are going, what’s working, what’s not working, and get suggestions/feedback directly from you. This past WPC was… Read more