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Reminder: May 31st offer for SBS 2003 R2 CALs accessing Windows 2008 Servers has expired

Last June there were a lot of questions floating around how Windows 2008 Servers could be accessed inside of an SBS 2003 R2 environment since Windows 2008 Server was available; however, SBS 2008 was not yet released. As you know, an SBS 2003 CAL doesn’t have rights to access a Windows 2008 Server since the… Read more

New EBS 2008 and SBS 2008 Click-through Demos Available For Partners!

Want a quick, lightweight, and portable way to show off EBS 2008 and SBS 2008? Click-through demos are being posted on the Download Center for you to use starting later today. These click-through demos come with lab manuals that go in depth into the products and how to demonstrate them to potential customers and clients…. Read more

SBS 2008 Build Day – Partner event tomorrow – In-Person and Live Meeting

Here’s a quick reminder about the great Partner-led event taking place tomorrow in Las Vegas that Partners can also attend in person or via Live Meeting if you won’t be able to be there in person. It is the “SBS 2008 Build Day – Partners showing Partners How to Successfully Deploy SBS 2008.” Here are… Read more

Software Assurance: What you need to know, resources for you, answers, and more

One of the topics I get asked about quite a bit or see being asked about is around the topic of Software Assurance (SA). I have several posts on the Blog about this topic; however, I thought it might be very helpful to package up some of the top questions, resources, answers, and posts into… Read more

Part numbers for the SBS SA benefits media kits you need from my earlier post

Shortly after my “How do we get the SBS Software Assurance benefits such as: Outlook 2007, Entourage 2008, ISA 2006 + additional Windows Server 2003, and Office SharePoint Designer 2007 now that SBS 2008 is out?, post went live, I received a follow-up question that said, “Can you make it clear of what part numbers… Read more

How do we get the SBS Software Assurance benefits such as: Outlook 2007, Entourage 2008, ISA 2006 + additional Windows Server 2003, and Office SharePoint Designer 2007 now that SBS 2008 is out?

Here’s a great question I received regarding the additional Software Assurance entitlements that SBS 2003 customers get with the transition to SBS 2008. As you probably know, the components in SBS 2008 have changed slightly from the components of SBS 2003, so what happens to those missing or changed components for those customers who had… Read more

Downgrade rights for second Windows Server in SBS or EBS 2008 Premium – What’s the deal?

As some of you may recall, shortly after the launch of SBS 2008, there were originally some questions around the downgrade rights associated with the SQL 2008 component of the SBS 2008 Premium license, which we worked with the Server Team here at Microsoft to qualify and clarify for you. Since that time, there have… Read more

Microsoft Gear Up Sales Toolkit now to be available online

Many of you have seen and used the Microsoft Gear Up Sales Toolkit, the printed book that is sent out with information on products, part #s, licensing programs, and much, much more. To keep up with the demand for these powerful and information-rich resources, as well as making the delivery and availability more readily accessible,… Read more

Yes, the SBS 2003 solution works in countries other than the United States of America

Earlier today I received a question coming from a Partner in South Africa asking about my “How do I still get SBS 2003 R2 + Software Assurance in October since it was removed from the Volume License pricelists? Final Solution” post and if the information in the post also applied to their market in South… Read more