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New Microsoft Partner Network portal coming, thanks to you!

At the beginning of November, I reached out to you here on the blog in my Simplifying your Microsoft Partner Network Portal Experience – Your input is important post to let you know about a test we would be running of a new Microsoft Partner Network Portal design and asking for your input, thoughts, and… Read more

Help Bing give $1 Million dollars to help schools this holiday

Over the years while I have worked at Microsoft, I am constantly reflecting on all of the reasons I am so proud to work for this company.  Their commitment to giving back and working to better the communities we all live and work in is just one of them, and it is one they do… Read more

Simplifying your Microsoft Partner Network Portal Experience – Your input is important

Earlier today in my The new Microsoft Partner Network is here! post, I mentioned that here at Microsoft, we are continually working to enhance your experience with Microsoft, to make it easier to do business with Microsoft, and to simplify your navigation of and access to resources and benefits from Microsoft.  Today you have the… Read more

11 Reasons why today is a day to remember…

Have you ever looked back and seen days that may not have seemed like a big deal when they took place, but in retrospect were days that you will remember for a long time to come?  Well, I believe today is one of those days.  Why?  I’m glad you asked. Now you might think it… Read more

Windows Phone 7 information and resources – Everything you love, easier and faster.

As a follow-up to the announcements made earlier in the Microsoft and AT&T press conference about the Windows Phone 7 that took place this morning I thought I would post here on the blog with some additional information as well as consolidate some of the information I shared through my Twitter account this morning during… Read more

How to easily find what you want on the Microsoft Partner Network portal

How many of you find yourselves looking for certain information you need and thinking, “How can I find this quicker?”  In this post, I will show you to do just that when it comes to information on the Microsoft Partner Network portal.  When talking with partners, often times the questions I get start with, “Where… Read more

Bing + fast search launched on MPN Portal to make finding information easier for Partners

One of the pieces of feedback that we hear from Partners from time to time is, “Microsoft, if’s great that you have a million resources for us Partners; however, it can be really hard to find what we’re looking for on the Microsoft Partner Portal.”  Well, we’ve heard your feedback and have recently upgraded the… Read more

First of three Bing TV ads launch in the UK

For those of you in the UK, Microsoft is launching the first of three Bing television ads that will be hitting the airways today, Wednesday, March 10th across ITV, Channel 4, Five and their portfolio of TV services as well as Sky Media and IDS digital channels including Bravo, Dave, GOLD, Living TV and Good… Read more

Check out the new Bing release! Very nice!

Ok, I will be the first to admit that I am a big Bing fan, and not because I work for Microsoft, but because of what Bing delivers and the way it delivers it.  Today, the newest U.S. release of Bing was rolled out at a launch event in San Francisco and is packed with… Read more

The New MSN Homepage with the best of Bing, social network access and more

Today we launched a significant redesign of MSN to bring you a much better, richer, and easier experience with the information that is most interesting to you.  The new MSN homepage offers a fresh new look that brings the best of Bing, the latest news and entertainment and instant access to social networks and comprehensive… Read more