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WPC 11 Day one – What a start! Here’s some of the great things from WPC 11 day one for you…

Day one of the 2011 Worldwide Partner Conference is now behind us and what a start to the conference it was! This year more than ever, not only can the attendees who are joining us here live be a part of the excitement but also partners around the world can join in on numerous parts… Read more

See Microsoft Windows Phone “Mango”– Video Collection

Today brings with is a bunch of exciting news on the Windows Phone platform, starting off with the Microsoft Windows Phone Press Conference that kicked off at 7:00 AM PDT today. With all of this excitement over the next release of Windows Phone “Mango,” I am sharing a collection of videos we have available on… Read more

Some of the top information you may have missed

As I have mentioned here in the past, I look to share information with partners across a variety of platforms, some of which include: my Blog, my Twitter account, and my LinkedIn account. Through these various communications, I often share links to a variety of resources, information, downloads, and more that I believe partners will… Read more

WPC Connect and WPC Connect Wall are now live! Are you “connected?”

Ok all of you Worldwide Partner Conference 2011 attendees, it’s that time again! Yesterday the WPC Connect site went live as well as the WPC Connect Wall, both of which are fantastic tools to help you connect with other WPC11 attendees while you are at Worldwide Partner Conference. Through WPC Connect, you can search for… Read more

Bing, built on a tradition of high-performance and speed

Over the weekend, I believe I may have discovered some of the earliest roots of Bing and how it came to be the high-performance decision engine that it is today, with speed at the core of it’s heritage (and why Bing continues its momentum in gaining market share). So how and where was I able… Read more

Did you miss any of these resources and links from this past week?

It is hard to believe how fast this week has flown by and that it is Friday already; however, in looking back over the past 7-10 days, it has been a very busy time with lots of information being shared and discussed and great feedback from partners about these. Some of you may remember back… Read more

Nokia and Microsoft Strategic Partnership: Announcement, Press Conference webcast replay, and more

What an exciting moment as the new strategic partnership between Nokia and Microsoft was announced at a joint press conference in London with Steve Ballmer, Chief Executive Office at Microsoft, and Stephen Elop, President and CEO of Nokia!  Here, I thought I would pull together several of the resources around this thrilling development so that… Read more

Here’s a few statistics for you (WOW!)

Today, Microsoft published it’s second quarter earnings release, and if you haven’t seen the numbers yet, I thought I would share just a few with you since they tell quite a story: Over 300 MILLION Windows 7 licenses have been sold so far and Windows 7 is now running on over 20% of Internet-connected PCs… Read more

Video highlights from CES and Steve Ballmer’s 2011 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) opening keynote

Wow, what a fantastic way to open the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show last night!  How about those demos of  Surface 2.0, Windows Phone 7, Kinect, Avatar Kinect, Windows 7 PCs, “Next version of Windows” on ARM, and so much more?  Plus, dig you catch the 8 MILLION Kinect devices sold statistic?  Wait, what do you… Read more

A sample of what you may have been missing…

As we kick off a new year, 2011, I thought I would share some information with the partners around the world based on some questions I have seen and received.  Back in my, “What am I thinking? Here’s where you can find out ,” post here on my blog, I told you about the various… Read more