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Changes coming to Microsoft Volume Licensing Service Center (VLSC) August 15th

On August 15th, we will be releasing an update to the Microsoft® Volume Licensing Service Center (VLSC), which is the single online resource for Microsoft Volume Licensing customers and partners to view Licensing information, download Microsoft software, and manage Volume Licensing benefits and subscriptions. This update brings improvements to some of the top used functions… Read more

Did you miss any of the MPN Live webcasts from WPC11? No worries, watch them here.

This year at Worldwide Partner Conference, we launched the very first “MPN Live” series, which brought you live webcasts from the floor at WPC11. These sessions included a Microsoft host for the session as well as partner and analyst guest speakers, including some joining us remotely via Skype from around the world. We broadcast a… Read more

Announcing Microsoft Office 365 availability in 40 countries worldwide! Information and resources for you.

This morning in New York, we held a live event with Steve Ballmer where we announced that Microsoft Office 365 has reached the General Availability milestone, meaning it is now readily available in 40 countries and 20 languages around the world. It was fantastic to see the incredible amount of buzz and excitement throughout the… Read more

Design principles of the Microsoft Partner Network – Julie Bennani, General Manager, Microsoft Partner Network

Last week I put up my Microsoft Partner Network Interactive Leadership Forum replay now online post, which included a video snippet of Jon Roskill’s opening comments regarding partners and the Microsoft Partner Network from the Microsoft Partner Network Interactive Leadership Forum. Today, I am sharing another snippet from the Microsoft Partner Network Interactive Leadership Forum,… Read more

Microsoft Partner Network Interactive Leadership Forum replay now online

Last Thursday, hundreds of partners from around the world, including attendees from: Asia Pacific, India, Germany, United Kingdom, Central & Eastern Europe, Western Europe, Middle East, Latin America, France, United States, & Canada to name a few, joined the Worldwide Partner Group Leadership Team for our Interactive Leadership Forum. We also had a really good… Read more

Microsoft cloud computing & cloud services – So much more than just BPOS

“Cloud” – Now there’s a topic that I had multiple conversations with Microsoft partners about at Worldwide Partner Conference, as well as one that was covered in many presentations, communications, sessions, updates, etc. both at Worldwide Partner Conference but also since then.  One thing that I have heard or seen several times, and why I… Read more

Microsoft Volume Licensing Service Center (VLSC) Update on July 22nd

To keep you updated on the latest round of updates coming to the Microsoft Volume Licensing Service Center, I am posting a quick update here to let you know about some modifications we will be making to the Microsoft Volume Licensing Website on Thursday, July 22nd. The Microsoft Volume Licensing Service Center (VLSC) will release… Read more

WPC10 – Connecting with people to build business!

On Monday night, as we kicked off #WPC10 from here in Washington, D.C., I put up the Connecting with others – A HUGE value of #WPC10 (Look who I found) post here on my blog with pictures of some of the attendees I had a chance to connect with during the opening celebration.  Since that… Read more

Join us for the #WPC10 TweetUp + Webcast: 5 Effective Ways Social Media Can Drive Business Value

On Monday, I put up a post here on the blog: Connecting with others – A HUGE value of #WPC10 talking about the value of the connections made here at Worldwide Partner Conference each and every year.  Yesterday, through the use of social media and the initiative of some #WPC10 attendees, another opportunity to make… Read more

Not only is SBSC staying, it is THE Small Business designation in the Microsoft Partner Network (MPN)

For those of you who joined us for Tuesday’s Microsoft Partner Network for Small to Midsize Business (SMB) Partners webcasts where we shared the roadmap for Partners serving the Small Business segment in MPN, you probably noticed that our strategy since my “Can you believe it? The end of SBSC and a shift away from… Read more