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The Fantastic People of Worldwide Partner Conference 2016. Thank you for joining us!

Thank you again to all of the amazing Microsoft Partners from around the entire world who joined us in Toronto for Worldwide Partner Conference 2016! As always, one of the biggest highlights of the entire event for me is being able to see and connect with you, our Microsoft partners and influencers from all corners of the globe, whether I knew you before or if this was my first time meeting you. In addition to having the opportunity to meet you, I love hearing the incredible stories you all share with me about yourselves, your companies, your successes and your plans for the future are inspiring and exciting at the same time.

Continuing the annual tradition that began several years ago as just an experiment (Connecting with others – A HUGE value of #WPC10 (Look who I found), I am very happy to bring you the collection of pictures from the Fantastic People of Worldwide Partner Conference 2016. For those not familiar with The Fantastic People of WPC concept, it is quite simple. Since building connections is such a huge value of WPC and for me, being fortunate enough to get to spend time with all of the partners from around the world, I offer to capture pictures with partners at WPC that I meet and share them here on my blog to thank them for being there and to help build virtual connections. This is a virtual introduction of these partners and WPC attendees to you and you to them and my “Thank you” to all of you for not only being at WPC, but also for being one of our highly valued Microsoft Partners and Worldwide Partner Conference attendees..

You can click any picture below to see it in larger size:

With Mary Jo Foley (@MaryJoFoley) of ZDNet
With Paul Thurrott (@Thurrott) of Windows Weekly/
With Matt Scherocman (@Scherocman) from Interlink Cloud Advisors
With Michelle Caldwell (@shellecaldwell) of Avanade
With Chetan Malavia (@Cloud9I) of Cloud 9 Infosystems
With Kurt Sippel (@AppliedTech) of Applied Tech
With Mike Taylor (@Innovise) of Innovise
With Guy Gregory (@GuyGregory) of The Final Step
With Rick Eason (@channelmktg) of Extra Mile Marketing
With Steve Luper (@Lupes)
With John Krikke (@JohnKrikke) of Onward Computer Systems, David Gersten (@dsgersten) of Bond Consulting Services, Jon Rivers (@jon_rivers) from Marketing Monarchs, and Dave Seibert of IT Innovators
With Tiffany Wallace (@TiffanyWI) of New Horizons
With Matthew Hughes (@KinetalMedia) of Kinetal
With David Rosenthal (@Atidan) of Atidan and Mychal Jackson of Microsoft
With Rick Claus (@RicksterCDN) and the famous Rick’s Tilley Hat (@RicksTilleyHat)
With Naomi Moneypenny (@NMoneypenny) of ManyWorlds, Inc.
With Kelvin Kirby (@KJKirby) of Technology Associates, Ltd.
With Tim Wallis (@TimWallis) of Content and Code
With Garth Luke (@GarthLuke) & Elon Aizenstros (@ElonAizenstros) of RecordPoint Software
With Jeff Hilton (@KnowledgeCircl) from Alliance For Channel Success and Tony Dillon of SMB Partners LTD
With Kevin McMillen (@RyanTechKevin) from RyanTech and Chasie Womack (@AgentGals) of RyanTech
With Susanne Dombrowski (@Blank) of 12:34 MicroTechnologies, Inc., Alejandro Rosado, Jr. of 12:34 MicroTechnologies, Inc. (@1234Micro), Carl Mazzanti (@cmazzanti) of eMazzanti  , and Mark Clawson of eMazzanti Technologies
With Jeff Shuey (@jshuey) and Bill Hersh (@whersh011)
With Michael Panciroli (@mpanciroli), Jeff Shuey (@jshuey), Kerstin Deppe, and Bill Hersh (@whersh011)
With MJ Shoer (@MShoer) of Internet & Telephone,LLC
With Dan Bergeron of Sky Terra Technologies
With Pat Turney (@JMark_Support) of JMark Business Solutions

With Marco Morgenstern & Ralf Schafer of Trans4mation IT GmbH

Thank you again to you all, our Microsoft Partners and influencers from around the world, for everything you do each and every day to transform our world through enabling others to achieve and exceed their goals through the adoption and use of Microsoft technologies! Also, thank you again for taking the time out of the busy WPC week to stop by, come up, and grab a picture as part of the Fantastic People of WPC16 Collection. I am looking forward to seeing you all again at Worldwide Partner Conference 2017 next year and meeting even more of you, our Fantastic People of Worldwide Partner Conference. Until then, here’s wishing you all the very best as you continue helping our customers everywhere understand, acquire, deploy, and consume the benefits of technology to ensure they all have incredible success, translating into the same for each and every one of you!

Thank you and have a wonderful day,


Eric Ligman
Director – Sales Excellence
Microsoft Corporation

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