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Cloud Partner Insights (CPI): Information –> Insights –> Impact

imageWith Worldwide Partner Conference just around the corner, I’ve had a few partners reach out, asking me if I’ll be at WPC and what I’m doing now, noting how I have been quieter over the past year when it comes to social media compared to prior years. Yes, I have been quieter through my social media channels, but in no way does this mean my deep focus on or work to drive impact for and through our Microsoft partners everywhere has changed. In fact, it is quite the opposite.

If you happened to read my It has been a fun 15 years post, you would have seen the following:

“A former manager of mine reached out at the same time and said, “We have a need” in the U.S. for someone who understands our partners, our sales processes, how to drive strategy and change, and can lead our future direction from a partner Sales Excellence perspective. “This led me to my current role, where I have had the opportunity to continue to lead several exciting initiatives from sales role and strategy design across our business to designing, building, and launching an entirely new way to drive impact and insights across our business through the Cloud Partner Insights platform that we now leverage across the U.S. business. (Partners may recognize this as the “Cloud R/F/Y” name it began as)”

Each and every day, my focus is on capturing, measuring, and delivering information, insights, and impact of Microsoft partners across our Microsoft cloud platforms, and one way this is done is through the Cloud Partner Insights (CPI) platform which we run our partner business on. If you are one of our SMS&P managed partners here in the U.S., you have no doubt had interaction with CPI, as it is the tool our field SI PSEs use for their pipeline and consumption reviews with each of their portfolio partners. Through a multi-tier delivery system of dashboards and drill-down detailed views, Cloud Partner Insights delivers these insights across the business on a daily basis.

To give you just an idea, below are a very few sample screenshots:

image image

Even though I replaced the real data with demo data and the layouts above are blurred (obviously I wouldn’t show live dashboards or data), you can still see that while you work with your Microsoft sales teams and customers as a Microsoft partner throughout the entire lifecycle, from pipe to wins to deploy/consume, Cloud Partner insights is designed to showcase the work you do and the impact you drive as a Microsoft partner across our teams and businesses. So while I may have been quieter externally through social media this past year, rest assured that Microsoft partners are front and center in my thoughts, in the work I do, and in the advocacy I bring forward each and every day. In addition, you can be sure that I will definitely be at WPC again this year and can’t wait to connect with those of you who will be joining us this year down in Orlando.

And speaking of WPC:

1) Be sure to come back to my blog tomorrow as I will be sharing information on one of my “fantastic” annual traditions for partners at WPC

2) If you happen to see a laptop that looks like the image to the right while at WPC, be sure to stop by as that will be me. image

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