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Taking on the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

imageAs you have no doubt heard by now, there is a very creative movement going around right now to help promote awareness and raise money through donations to fight ALS through the ALS Association website at: The way the challenge works is, someone challenges you to take the Ice Bucket Challenge, and you have 24 hours to record a bucket of ice water being dumped over your head and share the video through social media, or you can make a donation to an ALS Charity of your choice, or do both. One of the other things you get to do in your video is nominate three other people to take the challenge as well. You can see more about the Ice bucket Challenge HERE.

Well, I recently received my ALS Ice Bucket Challenge from Bill Hole of the U.S. Licensing Group, a Microsoft Partner here in the U.S., so here is my video that I am sharing with my social media audience, as well as my nominations to take the Ice Bucket Challenge next.

Click the thumbnail to watch the video: image

As I was thinking about who to select to challenge, I knew I wanted people who would take on the challenge and who also would help share the word about this good cause. I knew they had to be some really good people, great people, maybe even… fantastic people. Then it dawned on me. I know some Fantastic People, and have even written about them recently: The Fantastic People of Worldwide Partner Conference 2014. Thank you for joining us! Yes, I went to the Fantastic People of WPC to choose my nominations, and here they are:

I challenge:

1) Darren Bibby of IDC (@darrenbibby) – Although we missed our picture this year, we certainly tried to get it, so I am substituting the Fantastic People of 2013 one

2) Melanie Gass a.k.a “The Microsoft Princess” (@MSFTPrincess) – She is the one on the left in this picture
3) Ben Rohling of Microsoft – Ben is the guy in the background of this picture doing the walk by photo bomb. I have to say, Ben worked really hard to try and get into the background of several of the pics for the Fantastic People of WPC 2014, so how could I not respect and reward that level of effort? Smile

By the way, Bill Hole is the gentleman to the left in this picture and is the one who nominated me for this challenge.

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