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Setup your WPC 2014 connections through WPC Connect today

imageEvery year, one of the top benefits that partners share with us that they got out of Worldwide Partner Conference is the invaluable face-to-face connections they made with others while at WPC. Once again this year, we have the WPC Connect tool available through the Digital WPC site that you can utilize to reach out and invite others to connect and schedule meeting times at WPC. Through WPC Connect, you can search for other WPC attendees based on a set of criteria you are interested in (Competencies, business focus, partner type, etc.) and then send out invitations to connect. To do this, go to the WPC Connect page and sign in. From there, Hover over the “My WPC Schedule” dropdown and click on “Schedule a Meeting.”


Once you click “Schedule a Meeting,” you will be able to define the specifics of your meeting, invite attendees, and determine the location:

image Click image for full size

As you can see in the image above, your have the capability to:

  1. Set the title of your meeting
  2. Provide a description of what your meeting is about
  3. Choose the day, start, and end time of the meeting
  4. Either choose how big of a table you need in the WPC Connect area or specify a different location (like a Starbucks or the U.S. Partner Lounge, etc.)
  5. Invite attendees
  6. Refine the list of WPC attendees based on multiple sets of criteria if you are looking for people to connect with that you don’t know yet. You can refine results by:
      • Job Category
      • Competency
      • Business Focus
      • Partner Type
      • Organization

We also have the following resources you can use for WPC Connect:

There is no need to wait for WPC to get here to setup your meeting requests, so  head on out to the WPC Connect page today and get started setting up your connections at WPC today.

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