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image Yesterday I had the distinct pleasure to spend time in the afternoon visiting with one of our customers located here in the local area. It was a great opportunity to tour their facilities, talk with the key stakeholders of the company, learn more about their operations, hear about the prior, current, and future plans for the company from a business, marketing, IT, and more standpoint, as well as hear about some of their challenges and successes over the past few years as they have continued to grow their business. For those of you that know me, you know that I’ve always enjoyed the opportunity to speak with partners and customers and hear about your experiences to learn more about how we can continue to improve what we do to ultimately help you be more successful with the solutions we offer.

During the conversation, the statement of, “One thing that would be really helpful is if there were some free online Office videos or training resources available.” Well, if you’ve followed my work for any amount of time, you can imagine all of the bells and whistles that started going off in my head. After all, one thing I have always tried to accomplish here at Microsoft is to help people learn about and find the massive amount of resources that we have available to you in an easier manner. It was sort of funny at the time too because my manager was sitting next to me in the meeting, and when he heard that statement, he leaned over with a smile and said, “I think you might have a suggestion on a blog where they can find some of those.” Yep, in fact I do. Smile

Knowing that the people sitting around that table can’t possibly be the only people who could benefit from some free online Microsoft Office training and resources, I thought I would share the links I shared with them here on my blog with all of you, so that you too can utilize and benefit from any of them that you find useful. Now, it should be no surprise that some of the links below actually point directly to posts from here on my blog since I will often go out, pull together several different resource collections that we might have spread all over, and consolidate them into a single post so that you can find them in one simple place. Again, trying to make it all easier for you. Here are some of the free Microsoft Office training and online resources we have available to you, so enjoy:

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