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Sharing out some of the “KTisms” from Worldwide Partner Conference 2013 Day 3

During yesterday’s Worldwide Partner Conference Day 3 Vision Keynotes, the stage was once again taken by Kevin Turner this year. Now I can’t speak for each and every one of you, my readers around the world, but I can say (and have said before) that Kevin Turner is always one of my favorite speakers of each Worldwide Partner Conference. I think Kevin brings excitement, fun, credibility, and a level of passion for not only the business, but also our partners and customers around the world. 

Here’s just one small example, which really put it into perspective for me. Each year you’ve seen me put up a post here on the blog, wishing all of our partners a Happy New Year each and every January 1st. A few years ago, I expanded that and asked several other leaders from across our Worldwide Partner Group join me in that through personal videos, and eventually I expanded it even further to include leaders from other parts of the business also (Here’s the 2013 one as an example). Sure enough, Kevin said he would love to thank our partners and wish them all a Happy New Year, and he has extended his thanks and holiday wishes to our partners through a video for the past couple years. I just thought that was so genuinely telling that he would take the time with his schedule to make the short videos and share with our partners like that, and I have always personally appreciated that level of passion he has.

During Kevin’s WPC keynote sessions, he delivers his message in a way that is engaging, filled with a ton of great data points, statistics, and catchy phrases or quotes, all of which I’ve heard coined as “KTisms” by partners and others over the years. (No, that is not an official term in any way) What’s always interesting is that when tweeting about Kevin’s keynotes each year, the number of people who comment, respond to, engage with, retweet, etc. the KTisms is always fun to watch and high volume. Plus, it is often during and after his sessions that I get pinged by partners asking if I captured a specific “KTism” or could I resend/forward it to them, and this year was no exception. Because of this, I thought I would do something different this year and share out the various “KTisms” I shared yesterday during Kevin’s session, so you have them here, if you’re interested. He always has some of the best quotes at WPC, so I hope you enjoy them:

  1. "Nothing fires me up more than seeing the impact we have on others in the world"
  2. "We are all a pa0rt of something bigger than ourselves"
  3. "2,964,783,000 Devices – That is our opportunity together with #MSPartners"
  4. "The new market opportunity goes from 338 Million PCs to 2.9 BILLION devices every year"
  5. "We will continue investing in R&D across #Cloud, #Social, #Mobility and #BigData"
  6. "FY14 – Biggest innovation year ever!"
  7. "Driving deployment is the future" – "Move customers to #Windows8"
  8. "Customer don’t want to be sold to, but they always want to buy"
  9. "When you don’t think the customer is right, remember that something is always wrong"
  10. "’s platform is the roach motel of #cloud services" – Larry Ellison
  11. Kevin Turner on #virtualization: "Jump on the train now!"
  12. "We should be winning with #Azure and #Office365 100% of the time"
  13. "We are betting our whole company on the #Cloud and the services that go with it"
  14. "We are WINNING vs. Google in the Enterprise" and "We need more #MSPartners"
  15. "Respect everyone, but fear no one!"
  16. "Competing to win – We’re offensively doubling down!"
  17. "Only 20,000 #MSPartners are transacting with us in the #Cloud"
  18. To the #MSPartners not transacting #Cloud, "C’mon man. Join us"
  19. To the 20,000 #MSPartners transacting #Cloud: "Thank you"
  20. "We have tremendous, tremendous momentum"
  21. "It’s about frickin time, don’t you think?" #Windows8
  22. "We’re going to invest with you #MSPartners"
  23. "Put the Nokia Lumia 925 next to an iPhone and you won’t want the iPhone"
  24. "In winning in mobile, we have great devices for you"
  25. "Our heritage and reputation is built around innovation"
  26. "If you bet on #Microsoft, you are not going to ask ‘Where is the Innovation?’ anymore"
  27. "It is only accelerating year after year"
  28. "SQL Server is most widely deployed database in the world”
  29. "Ability to wipe company data and leave personal data" in #Windows8.1
  30. "Make sure you understand what we rolled out for Enterprise in #Windows8.1"
  31. "We not only manage our devices, we help you manage the other guys’ devices too."
  32. "#Office mobile for iPhone is similar to what you get on #WindowsPhone"
  33. "#MSPartners are critical to our success"
  34. "We are committed to mobile… We’ve got great devices."
  35. "We are finding our rhythm in phone"
  36. "#WindowsPhone is now #3 selling Phone OS"
  37. "85% of Fortune 500 use #SharePoint"
  38. "The new @Office is the best selling release of Office ever"
  39. "The New @Office is a #Cloud Service"
  40. "The safest, most secure platform on the planet is #Microsoft"
  41. "Microsoft, with our footprint, is 3-5X larger than the others and we’re driving DOWN vulnerabilities"
  42. "Secunia vulnerability Review 2013: 86% of all vulnerabilities were on the other guys platforms"
  43. "We have security and compliance as paramount" #Cloud
  44. "The #Cloud is where the customers are going and we will continue to innovate"
  45. "We have the best and most comprehensive #Cloud services"
  46. "We’re committed across all 3 #Cloud types" (Private, Public, Hybrid)
  47. "We have 1,000,000 US government users moving to @Office365" #Cloud
  48. "You’re getting Scroogled!"
  49. "We lead Google in search relevance" via @Bing
  50. "#Bing continues gaining search share vs. Google"
  51. "Skydrive is an incredible success story in FY13"
  52. "We’re launching a substantial new release of #Windows8 within 12 months"
  53. "We are innovating the ecosystem around touch" #Windows8
  54. "We’ve created a cohesive touch first #Windows8 UX across PCs, Tablets, Smartphone, and #Xbox TV"
  55. "#Windows8 is biggest and most bold transformation we’ve tried as a company"
  56. "More innovation in 12 month timeframe than in history of #Microsoft"
  57. "We’ve got the best deployment numbers in the history of the company"
  58. "We created the fastest growing product in the history of Microsoft: @Office365"
  59. "Thank you #MSPartners!"
  60. "We grew in our commercial businesses when a lot of others didn’t"

So, what was your favorite quote, snippet, “KTism” from Kevin’s presentation yesterday? Feel free to chime in below in the comments section and let me know!

Enjoy the rest of your WPC13 Day 4 and thanks to all of you that have joined us so far for WPC13 either here in person or virtually online.

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