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The Big Easy 10 Offer is back! Claim your money now.

imageSeveral years ago, we introduced a The Big Easy Offer, a program that provides Microsoft partner subsidy dollars to companies that purchase qualifying Microsoft products through various Volume Licensing programs, such as the Open Business, Open Value, and Open Value Subscription programs. Since that time, The Big Easy has become, and still remains, one of the most popular offers we have year over year! Why? It’s simple really…

  1. One of the great things about the Big Easy Offer is that the more you buy, the larger your partner subsidy check and as you buy from more product pools, your subsidy continues to increase.
  2. With the Big Easy Offer, the partner subsidy check is made out to the Microsoft partner of your choice and delivered directly to you. You then simply give the check to your selected Microsoft partner and use the funds to pay for things like implementation services for your newly acquired Microsoft solutions, or custom development work to augment your Microsoft solutions, or to purchase additional Microsoft software or associated services from the eligible Microsoft partner of your choice.
  3. Flexibility of choice: We know that you may acquire your software licenses from one Microsoft partner and use the implementation services of another Microsoft partner to install, configure, and customize the solution inside your business. With the Big Easy Offer, you get to choose which qualifying Microsoft partner the subsidy check is made out to, and it does not need to be the partner you acquired your licenses from. This means you can use the funds for deployment and other services with your deployment services partner, while still allowing you to acquire your licenses from the licensing partner of your choice.

Here are the details of the Big Easy Offer you should know about:

  • Purchase Time Period: March 1, 2013 through May 31, 2013
  • Registration Deadline: Before 5:00 p.m. PDT within thirty (30) days of purchase date.
  • Licenses purchased under the following programs are considered "Eligible Licenses" for this promotion:
    • Open License
      • Open Business License (Both L Only & L/SA)
      • Open Local Government License (Both L Only & L/SA)

    • Open Value
      • Open Value License and Software Assurance (L&SA) for Commercial and Government
      • Open Value Subscription(OVS) for Commercial and Government

  • The Big Easy Offer 10 is valid only for Qualified Small and Mid Sized Business (“SMB”) Organizations.
    • What is an “SMB” Organization? SMB is defined as any company with 5-249 seats and designated as a Small and Mid Sized Business by Microsoft in its discretion.

  • Full list of The Big Easy 10 Terms & Conditions are available HERE
  • The Big Easy 10 Offer page includes:
    • A link to download the full list of eligible products for the Big Easy 10 Offer
    • A subsidy estimation calculator that allows you to see approximately how much your subsidy would be for a qualifying purchase (SEE NOTE BELOW)
    • The link to Redeem your Big Easy 10 Offer purchase for your partner subsidy check

  • There is a Big Easy 10 Offer FAQ page as well, providing answers to some of the most frequently asked questions

NOTE: By the way, if you are using the Big Easy 10 Offer subsidy estimator and you don’t quite understand what the descriptions mean for the Open Value programs, you might want to check out this post I did awhile back: Understanding Open Value Item descriptions and pricing – Part 1 which helps explain what all of those abbreviations actually mean.

Be sure you and your clients are getting the most from The Big Easy 10 Offer!

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