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Women Leading in the Tech World – Today on MPN Live

imageThe very first MPN Live session of 2013 kicks off today and the topic on tap is Women Leading in the Tech World and their growing influence. The session will be broadcast live this morning at 10:30am PST here in Redmond and as always, you can join in to be part of the session live online. Today’s show will be hosted by Julie Bennani (@JBennani) and Kat Tillman (@Katlen), and as always, there will be a fantastic lineup of guests for the session and they include:

  • Kris Fuehr, Corelytics, IAMCP Seattle
  • Daphney Kirby, CTREC Hilton IT Academy, IAMCP Houston
  • Nitza Santini, Micro Computer Caribbean, IAMCP Puerto Rico
  • Monique Bulette, QuickLearn Training Inc., IAMCP Seattle

Here is what they will be covering during today’s show:

Segment 1:  Entrepreneur

  • Explore the key areas of “the Business of Being Women in Technology”
    • Unique Selling Proposition
    • The Business of Business
    • Adapting in a changing environment.
    • Women led business.
    • The New Entrepreneur and the age gap.

Segment 2: Intrapreneur

  • Being a change agent…internally
    • Instigating Change: 
      • Raising new ideas within an established environment
      • Identifying the training gap and instigating training solutions
      • Introducing new products and services to an established team
      • Implementing MPN Benefits into your systems

    • Adapting in a changing environment: 
      • Overcoming resistance to change
      • Integrating cloud solutions internally and with clients: what are the steps that you have taken?
      • COIT – BYOD: how are you addressing this phenomenon – what hurdles have you faced?

    • Women in business. What are the unique challenges you have faced as a woman in your career and what are the lessons you can share with other women about how to overcome them?

Segment 3: Networking

  • WPC – A Networking Mecca
    • Networking opportunities pre, during, and post conference

Question of the Day

  • What is the single biggest opportunity you see for women in IT?

As you join in for the session, remember to be part of the conversation online by using the #MPNLive hashtag as well as the #MSPartner hashtag. For this episode, we also encourage the use of the #IAMCP hashtag.

Oh, and one other fantastic reason to join in for today’s MPN Live session… A chance to win a FREE PASS to Worldwide Partner Conference 2013! Be sure to check out the show for all of the details.

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