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Happy New Year 2013 wishes and a sincere Thank You from all of us at Microsoft

imageHappy New Year, 2013, Microsoft partners! As we usher in the new 2013 year, in looking back, there are always those years you look back on that are those easy years, filled with all upside, and then there are those years you look back on that test your resolve and help you see what you are made of. As many of you know, 2012 started off for me personally as one that tested both my resolve and that of my family through our journey with our oldest daughter, but it also showed the absolutely wonderful support we have in our family, friends, and all of you as well. For this, I offer you all my greatest and most sincere gratitude, as it has meant the world to all of us. Because of this, and several other reasons, 2012 was both a very challenging as well as very rewarding year for me personally. One thing I can say is that you, our Microsoft partners, have been a bright beacon throughout the year and as always, I feel incredibly honored and grateful to have had the opportunity to work with, connect with, and interact with you all throughout this year.

In continuing with a tradition I started here on the blog several years ago, I am once again sharing some thoughts and wishes from several others here at Microsoft that had a few words they wanted to share with each and all of you around the world. Also, based on a suggestion made by one of my colleagues below, I am bringing you the videos in a Windows 8/Phone/Live Tile format based on the wonderful new additions we’ve seen come to the market this past year. To view any of the videos from the individuals below, simply click on the ones you want to view and the video will play for you. 

  Kevin Turner   Vahe Torossian  
  Jon Roskill   Satya Nadella  
  Julie Bennani   Karl Noakes  
  Geoff Nyheim   Thomas Hansen  
  David Smith   Marco Limena  
  RobertJAni   RichKAni  

In case you aren’t familiar with all of the guests above who joined me this year in sharing their New Years thanks and wishes with you all, joining me in my New Year post is:

  • Kevin Turner – Chief Operating Officer, Microsoft
  • Vahe Torossian – Corporate Vice President – SMS&P, Microsoft
  • Jon Roskill – Corporate Vice President – Partner Channel, Microsoft
  • Satya Nadella – President – Server & Tools Business, Microsoft
  • Julie Bennani – General Manager – Partner Channel, Microsoft
  • Karl Noakes – General Manager – Partner Channel, Microsoft
  • Geoff Nyheim – Vice President – SMS&P Corporate Accounts, Microsoft
  • Thomas Hansen – Vice President – Small & Medium Business, Microsoft
  • David Smith – General Manager – Small & Medium Business, Microsoft
  • Marco Limena – Vice President – Hosting Services, Microsoft
  • Robert Jones – General Manager – Tele-Management & Inside Sales, Microsoft
  • Rich Kaplan – Corporate Vice President – Customer & Partner Advocacy, Microsoft

And yes, if you are one of the early readers of this post, I am aware that for many of you, this post is going live prior to the actual New Year hour in your location; however, as in past years, I am putting this post up early (in our time zones) in order to coordinate with the earlier time zones that are reaching the New Year, 2013, before us. After all, we are a worldwide organization and there are Microsoft partners located around the entire world, so it only seemed right to post it in time to be available for all of our Microsoft partners. Besides, it’s never too early to say, “Thank you,” and to pass along good wishes. Smile Also, to answer a question I have received from some of you that have followed me online for several years, yes, I will once again be sending out my Happy New Year’s wishes to the various time zones as 2013 gets issued in around the world through my Twitter account as in past years so no one gets left out.

Thank you again to all of you for another incredible year in 2012 together. I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to work with you all again this past year, and while 2013 brings with it it’s new opportunities, changes and challenges as well, I look forward to another phenomenal year in 2013, building the joint success of Microsoft and our partners together!

Happy New Year to you, your families, and loved ones, wherever you are around the world.

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