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Happy New Year 2013 wishes and a sincere Thank You from all of us at Microsoft

Happy New Year, 2013, Microsoft partners! As we usher in the new 2013 year, in looking back, there are always those years you look back on that are those easy years, filled with all upside, and then there are those years you look back on that test your resolve and help you see what you… Read more

Merry Christmas & happy holiday wishes to you all

Here on this Christmas Day, I want to take just a quick moment to extend to each and every one of you, on behalf of myself and my family, very Merry Christmas and happy holiday wishes. I have always said how absolutely blessed I feel to be able to have the opportunity to meet, connect… Read more

Windows SBS 2011 through SPLA: Answers to “What to order now?”

This past week, I received questions from a couple partners regarding their current clients who are licensed for Windows SBS 2011 through the Services Provider License Agreement (SPLA) and what should they order now and for how long. After conveying the information back to them, I received a simple request asking where the information is… Read more

Beware: “Account Info Change” Phishing Scam

Here is a quick reminder of the importance to ensure you are CLOSELY reading your emails and the links included in them BEFORE you click on them. This weekend I received an email with the subject “Updated Information” that said it is from “Account Info Change.” Here is an image of the mail itself: Click… Read more