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FREE Microsoft eBook: Deployment guide for Microsoft Office 2013

Following the amazing response to my “Large collection of Free Microsoft eBooks” post and with all of the excitement around Microsoft Office 2013, I thought I would share with you a newly released FREE Microsoft eBook: Deployment Guide for Microsoft Office 2013 which you can download today. This eBook comes to you from the Microsoft… Read more

The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth

I recently received an inquiry from a partner that I thought I would share here with you all, in case any of you have this same question. Here was the inquiry I received: “Eric, I recently received your partner satisfaction survey in my inbox and I was wondering, how honest should I really be? I… Read more

The Big Easy Offer is back, and don’t forget about Cloud Easy too!

Last month I told you about the “Cloud Easy” partner subsidy program that was announced and launched for partners in the United States. As I mentioned at the time, Cloud Easy is very similar to the very popular “Big Easy Offer,” only it is specifically aligned with our Microsoft online solutions. Well, I am very… Read more