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Microsoft Office 2010 “How To” Skills Builder Video Series

imageAre you new to Microsoft Office 2010, or maybe you have been using Microsoft Office 2010 for years and are looking to expand your knowledge and proficiency in using Microsoft Office to do more? Either way, you should check out the free Skills Builder video series from the Microsoft Office Team that provides you with a series of “How To” videos to help you improve/add-on to your existing Microsoft Office 2010 skills.

There are several different series, including:

image PowerPoint 2010 Skills Builder

Includes video trainings such as:

  • Add animations and transitions to your presentation: Get the basics of animations and transitions for a more dynamic and memorable presentation.
    • Getting started with animations
    • How to animate texts, charts, and shapes
    • How to apply an animation to all your slides
    • How to add transitions between slides
  • Go further with animations: Customize your slides by controlling animation timing, motion path, and order.
    • Go further with animations
    • Work on timing
    • How to change the order and effect options
    • How to create animations with motion paths
  • Add charts and diagrams to your presentation: Learn about charts and SmartArt and how to add them to your presentation.
    • Visualize text with SmartArt
    • How to insert new SmartArt
    • How to add text and shapes to SmartArt
    • Other examples of SmartArt
    • How to visualize data with a chart
    • How to insert a column chart
    • Other examples of charts
    • How to customize a chart
  • Add photos to your presentation: Learn how to insert photos and ClipArt into your slides and edit them right in PowerPoint.
    • How to insert a single photo
    • How to use the ClipArt task pane
    • How to create a photo album
    • How to crop your photos
    • How to align, distribute, and rotate photos
    • How to add styles and effects
    • How to reduce the file size of your photos
  • Add videos to your presentation: Find out how to put a video into your slide show by inserting or linking to it—then edit it!
    • How to embed a video
    • How to link to a video
    • How to size a video
    • Video Playback options
    • How to insert a video from a website
  • Broadcast your presentation: Find out how you can share your presentation on the web with Broadcast Slideshow.
    • Before you broadcast publicly
    • How to start a public broadcast
    • How to start an internal broadcast
    • Four things to keep in mind during broadcast
    • Features that get changed when broadcasting
image Excel 2010 Skills Builder

Includes video trainings such as:

  • Moving from lists to tables: Take the first step in growing your Excel skills. Move from creating worksheets and entering data to working with basic formulas and creating tables.
    • How to create a Workbook
    • How to customize a Worksheet
    • How to Enter and Edit Data
    • How to Format Data
    • How to Apply Math & Formulas
    • How to Sort and Filter Data
    • How to Create and Use Tables
  • Visual Analysis: From numbers to pictures: Learn the basics of conditional formatting, creating sparklines, and applying data validation to your data.
    • How to Apply conditional formatting
    • How to use sparklines
    • How to create a chart
    • How to use shapes/diagrams
    • How to spply data validation
  • Collaboration and sharing: Find out how to co-author content, print readable worksheets, and collaborate with others using the Web and Excel Web Apps.
    • How to print worksheets
    • How to save and open a worksheet to the Web
    • Co-authoring
    • Excel Web apps
  • Automation, macros, and reporting: Learn how to use PivotTables, slicers, and macros to improve your data analysis.
    • Intro to functions
    • How to use macros
    • How to Create PivotTables
    • How to use slicers
    • How to use PowerPivot
    • How to use what-if anaylsis/Solver
image Outlook 2010 Skills Builder

Includes video trainings such as:

  • Master the basics of email: Go from writing, sending, and printing messages to organizing your Inbox with conditional formatting and Conversations view.
    • How to create and send email
    • How to use Search to find messages
    • How to organize mail with conditional formatting
    • How to manage email with Conversation View
    • How to print messages and Backstage View tour
  • Put it on your calendar: Learn how to schedule meetings, respond to and update invites, and schedule recurring meetings.
    • How to schedule a meeting
    • How to schedule a meeting from an email
    • How to respond to or update a meeting invite
    • How to schedule recurring meetings
  • Get organized: Use conditional formatting and color categories to make calendar items easy to find, and views to help you find mail messages.
    • How to organize with conditional formatting
    • How to organize with color categories and follow-up flags
    • How to manage email views
    • How to customize views

As I mentioned above, whether you are new to Microsoft Office 2010 or a seasoned user, the Skills Builder video series can probably show you a thing or two about Microsoft Office 2010 to help you improve your current skills and help you become even more efficient with the tools you have at your fingertips. I hope you find this series helpful and I’ll look to post a few other Microsoft Office resources for you in the near future. Speaking of Office 2010 resources, if you haven’t yet read my Microsoft Office 2010 resources and information for you post, you probably should as there are a bunch of resources included there for you too.

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