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Your opportunity to review my performance, because your opinion matters!

imageAs we are now approaching the end of another fiscal year here at Microsoft (I know, hard to believe, isn’t it?!?), I am once again coming to you, the community that I have the sincere pleasure of interacting with each and every day in my current role as Director of Partner Experience here at Microsoft, to give you the open opportunity to rate and review my performance. Some of you I have worked with for many years and you have been through this before and some of you may be brand new blog readers, Twitter followers, etc. Regardless of how long we have been interacting, one thing you hopefully have seen from me is that I am very open about my goal to help increase the satisfaction of Microsoft partners around the world in working with Microsoft through things like: helping provide information of value and interest, providing correct answers to questions (even when they may not be the popular answers), helping address concerns and opportunities, directing you to relevant and important information, providing avenues for input into and out of Microsoft, connection opportunities with Microsoft, and much, much more. (In fact, I have this openly stated on my overview page about me) This year is no exception.

During our annual review process here at Microsoft, just like many other companies, we receive input and feedback from management and peers on how they perceive our level of performance over the past year. Given that my role has such a strong focus on working with and helping companies and individuals outside of Microsoft, like our Microsoft partners around the world, I am once again opening up the opportunity to all of you, the community I work with all year long, to provide your input and feedback on my performance as part of my annual review because your input, feedback, and perceptions of how well I am performing my role are very important to me.

Just like past years, here are answers to a few questions about the survey I have received in the past and/or figure some of you may have:

  • How long will this take me to complete this survey?
    • It can take you as little as 1-2 minutes to complete or as much time as you want. There are only seven questions on the survey, several which are optional, many are check boxes, and there are open comment areas as well if you want to provide in-depth comments also. (although optional, all open comments submitted are always GREATLY appreciated)
  • Do I have to disclose my name or contact information to submit feedback?
    • No, I am not requiring your name or contact information for submission (just your country); however, I am providing the opportunity for you to provide it if you wish and would appreciate you sharing as much information as you are comfortable with
  • “Lurkers” – As you know, there are many, many people around the world that classify themselves as “lurkers,” those people who consume information from things like blogs, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. without interacting or speaking up in those forums. Whether you are a “lurker” or an active participant in any of those forums, I would love to hear from any of you that consume the information I provide, even if we have not had the opportunity to connect 1:1, to hear about your feedback on the information I am providing and your satisfaction with it. This is also another reason I am allowing input broadly without requiring personal disclosure.
  • Is this opportunity open to Microsoft partners only?
    • No, I am making the survey available broadly since I have worked with many different types of people and companies over the past year regarding engagement with Microsoft (Partners, corporate customers, individuals, reporters/press, etc.)
  • Is the survey open to people worldwide or just in the U.S.?
    • Since my role spans the world, I am opening up this opportunity up to people worldwide.
  • Is this to review Microsoft’s performance or yours?
  • You are opening up input on your performance broadly externally around the world? Are you insane?
    • Well, feel free to include your opinion of my sanity in my online performance review form if you wish; however, I really do want to hear from you, the broad community I have the opportunity to work with on how well I am performing.
  • Why are you doing this again?
    • As I have said many times before, “As a partner driven company, the only way we are successful is if you are successful, so you have noooo idea how motivated we are to make sure you are REALLLY successful!” As such, I am very interested in your perspectives on how I am performing in helping improve your satisfaction and relationship with Microsoft in order to help you be successful.

Let me offer my sincere thanks in advance to all of you that take the few short minutes to provide your input and feedback through this online performance review of me. Hearing from the community that I work with daily is one of the great parts of my job that I honestly love, and I cannot express how valuable your input is. So thank you once again to you all for your contributions to this request. Also, please share this with feedback opportunity with your peers that have worked with me as well, so that they too know about the opportunity to voice their opinions on my performance.

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