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What you may be missing: Resources from March 2-9 and who’s sharing what

imageFrom week to week, I share a bunch of different content across a multitude of my various online presences, such as through my blog, my Twitter account, my LinkedIn account, and my Facebook account. Across these different online resources, the content shared is not always the same, nor is everything shared equally through them. As an example, just by the very nature of the blog vs. Twitter, the volume of content shared through my Twitter account is much higher than the number of posts here on the blog.

From time to time, I will get comments sent in to me regarding the information shared through my Twitter account where someone absolutely loved a resource shared that they “almost missed” because they hadn’t seen it the first time. I also get questions asking me about what the "popular items” were that I shared out and who else in the community is sharing the resources I am in order to possibly find additional connections on Twitter to follow or others of similar interests. This week, I thought I would do something a little different to try and help out with all of these questions.

Below you will find two sections:

  1. The @EricLigman section below includes a collection of several of the tweets I sent out my Twitter account that included links/resources between March 2nd and 9th so you can see what I was sharing, in case you are not yet following me on Twitter, or in case you may have missed some of them.
  2. The RT @EricLigman section below includes a collection of some of the retweets I saw of the information I shared via Twitter. I am sharing this so that you can see what others found interesting enough to share with their followers, as well as so you can see some of the people who are sharing this content out. Hopefully this section helps you better see what people are sharing and who some of the others are in the Twitter community who may have some of the same interests as you. NOTE: I did remove an duplicate user posts. So if one user had retweeted multiple tweets of mine, I only included one of them below so that you didn’t see a bunch of users showing up over and over. Plus, by narrowing it down to just one tweet per user, it kept the list a little more manageable to show below. Also, if you had retweeted me last week and don’t see it below, please don’t think I excluded you on purpose. The retweets below are a collection of some of the retweets I saw and I am bound to have missed some.


  • Where to get the Microsoft @SQLServer Connector for Apache Hadoop:  #mspartner #SQLServer
  • Announcing Reduced Pricing on @WindowsAzure Storage and Compute: #cloud #mspartner
  • Take Advantage of Internal-Use Microsoft Dynamics CRM: #MSDynCRM #MSPartner via @RCPMag
  • Nice! Microsoft Dynamics #LoveYourWork series on @Forbes: #mspartner #MSDynCRM #MSDynERP
  • Top 10 Benefits of #WindowsIntune: #MSPartner #Cloud
  • Comprehensive Microsoft #Lync 2010 Training Download Package: #mspartner
  • Using Your Feedback to Shape the Microsoft Partner Experience: #mspartner via @msuspartner
  • Top 10 reasons for SMB businesses to choose @Office365 over #GoogleApps: #WhyMSFT #mspartner
  • Want preferred seating for the #WPC12 special guest keynote? Learn how: #MPNLive
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM and @SQLServer 2012 – Better Together: #MSDynCRM #SQL2012 #mspartner
  • Partner Learning Paths for Microsoft #Cloud Solutions and Services: #msartner
  • How to configure a single-server #SharePoint Server 2010 test lab: #mspartner
  • What is Microsoft Office 365? Check out these 6 short videos: via @MicrosoftSB #mspartner
  • The @SQLServer #SQL2012 Launch Event keynote is online: #mspartner
  • Microsoft @SQLServer 2012 Data Mining Add-ins for Microsoft @Office 2010: http// #SQL2012 #mspartner
  • #Free "Security and Privacy for Microsoft @Office 2010 Users" ebook: #mspartner #Office
  • #FREE events covering #Windows8 for Application Developers start 30th March in UK: #mspartner
  • How to report scams in @Hotmail, @Xbox, and more: #mspartner #security
  • MSDN Virtual Labs for @SQLServer 2012 available to you online: #free #mspartner #SQL2012
  • Join us for #MPNLive with @Jon_Roskill, #MSPartner guests, and me to discuss #Cloudification: 
  • Consumerization of IT Within @Microsoft from the CIO’s Perspective: #mspartner
  • Practice Accelerator for @Office365 is #FREE if you’re a Cloud Essentials or Accelerate #MSPartner! 
  • Register now: #FREE #Windows8 Training Camps in NZ: #mspartner @BuildWindows8
  • By 2015, 14 Million new jobs (INFOGRAPHIC): Thanks to #Cloud computing. #mspartner
  • Has my work helped you? If so, I’d love your votes in the #SMB150 2012 Awards: #mspartner
  • 35 Million People Concurrently Online on @Skype: That’s a lot of people!
  • Nice! -> Microsoft creates fully interactive wearable multitouch projector via: @tomwarren @stevecla
  • Azure/Cloud, HTML5, & @WindowsPhone #Free Training Events (US West Coast): #mspartner #cloud
  • Building Global Trust Online: Policy Perspectives on #Privacy, #Security and Safety: #mspartner
  • Woohoo! @SQLServer 2012 released to manufacturing! #mspartner #SQL2012
  • Honored to be nominated in the #SMB150! I’d love your vote: if you feel I’m worthy. #mspartner
  • Microsoft @Office365 Single Sign-On with AD FS 2.0 whitepaper: #cloud #mspartner
  • #SharePoint Online planning guide for @Office365 for enterprises: #cloud #mspartner


I hope that sharing this type of information with you is helpful. I would love to hear your comments and feedback on if this type of recap/overview of items shared and who’s sharing is something you find value in and would like to see more of or if you have suggestions on how I can make it even more useful for you.

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