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Announcing Skype Beta for Windows Phone (including how to download), Group Me, and more exciting news

imageimageIt has been quite an exciting past day and a half or so since the news broke about the availability of the Skype for Windows Phone Beta which is now available, as well as some other news and information regarding items such as: GroupMe and Skype Wifi, just to name a few. Now that the dust has settled a little bit on everything that took place yesterday, I thought I’d put together a quick recap of some of the Skype exciting news, resources, and info that I saw so that you could take advantage of it in case you may have missed some of it.

Skype for Windows Phone Beta

On the 26th on the Skype “Big Blog,” the announcement of the availability of the Skype for Windows Phone Beta was posted.  In the post, they announced that effective immediately, you too can download and begin using the Skype for Windows Phone Beta on your Windows Phone. You can do this by navigating the the Windows Phone Marketplace or they even included a very handy code that you can scan directly on your phone to begin the install. To make it really easy for you, I have included it here:


By the way, this works great with Bing Vision on your Windows Phone (I’ve already done it).

Inside their Skype brings voice and video calling to Windows Phone users around the globe post, they also include a quick video regarding the beat that you will probably want to check out.

From a community and support perspective, they have called out a few ways to connect that you will want to take advantage of:

There is also another post on The Big Blog with tips for those of you that use the Skype for Windows Phone Beta: Make sure you get the most out of the Skype for Windows Phone Beta app! 

You can also read the press release: Windows Phone Showing How It’s Simply Faster at Mobile World Congress that includes not only information on the release of Skype for Windows Phone Beta, but also several other tidbits of information coming out of Mobile World Congress.

GroupMe – Free private and group messaging on Windows Phone

Also on The Big Blog, there was the announcement of the updated release of GroupMe for Windows Phone: GroupMe brings free private and group messaging to Windows Phone. GroupMe is a group messaging service that can be used on any phone allowing users to stay in touch with the important people in their lives and now GroupMe offers Windows Phone users additional features with the latest version of the app. Want GroupMe for your Windows Phone? You can download it here.

For a more in-depth look at the GroupMe app, take a look at the First look: An updated GroupMe app arrives in Marketplace post over on the Windows Phone Blog.


Skype WiFi

Since we are talking about Skype and enabling people to benefit from connecting with Skype’s global network of 200 million average monthly connected users, I thought it would be good to point out Skype WiFi as well. Are you familiar with Skype WiFi? Skype WiFi allows you to get online at over 1 million WiFi hotspots worldwide and only pay for the time you’re online with Skype Credit. You can use Skype WiFi from your laptop or from “i” devices.

Windows Phone is “smoking” again!

While we are also on the topic of Windows Phone, this week at Mobile World Congress, we’re once again running the “Smoked By Windows Phone” challenge, showing people how Windows Phone makes it easy to do what you want to – faster than any other smartphone.  If you’re not familiar with “Smoked By Windows Phone” yet, take a look at these items to get you acquainted:

I don’t know about you, but I’m really looking forward to seeing all of the competitors that Windows Phone leaves in the smoke this time as well. Smile

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