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Announcing the all NEW Digital WPC (Worldwide Partner Community) site! Check it out!

Connecting with our partners around the world is something we love to do here at Microsoft and as you know, Worldwide Partner Conference is a huge component of that. A few years ago we took that experience to a digital level by launching the Digital WPC (Digital Worldwide Partner Conference) site and now it expands even further through an all new online digital experience bringing together not only Digital WPC, but also social media, blogs, media content, and much, much more that continues all year round!

Here’s a quick peak at the all new Digital WPC (Digital Worldwide Partner Community) site (Click for full size):


Pretty slick, wouldn’t you say? Notice all of the new, richer content included? I think you’ll also like the “Perspectives” and “Conversations” sections where you will see dynamic content from not only people here at Microsoft (like Jon Roskill, Julie Bennani, Karl Noakes, me, and many more), but also from your peers around the world coming in from: blogs, Twitter, and Facebook.

Oh, and some of you might be thinking, “Hey, isn’t there something like the ’Perspectives’ and ‘Conversations’ sections over on the site?” Well, yes, there was (key word there being “was”). As we move to an “always-on” experience year round, we have combined our former site and the Digital WPC site into one, bringing together all of the great things you would find on the independent sites into a unified, more fluid digital experience for you. What this means now is, head out to the Digital WPC site to experience all that you used to get from the former Digital WPC site and the site plus more, all in a single online destination. With all of this great stuff coming together, I think you can see why “Digital WPC” now stands for Digital Worldwide Partner COMMUNITY vs. the former Digital Worldwide Partner Conference which used to be limited to the conference itself.

If you haven’t seen them yet, here are a couple of blogs from Jon Roskill and Karl Noakes on the launch of the new Digital WPC site that you may want to check out. As an FYI, you will find their blog posts in the “Perspectives” section of the Digital WPC site moving forward, so be sure to keep an eye out there.

Once you check out the new site, I’d love to hear what you think about it, so feel free to let me know here on the blog or through any of my online presences.

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