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Thank you isn’t enough for all of your support and understanding

There are times in life where the words, “Thank you,” are so insufficient in their ability to convey the level of gratitude you have for someone or a group of people based on what they have done for you. Today is one of those days.

Just under two weeks ago, I put up my I’ve stepped out for awhile, but you’re in very good hands post here on the blog to let you know that I was exercising the true meaning of work/life balance and stepping away to give my full attention to my oldest daughter and family in a time of need. In short form:

Two weeks ago, my oldest daughter took this hit in soccer (she’s the goalie in black), which led to a concussion: image

What we would come to find out 24 hours later is, that hit actually saved our daughter’s life. As they were diagnosing the concussion, they discovered a pre-existing condition which was causing an incredible amount of internal pressure (which was increasing) on her brain, and which would have claimed her life within days had we not found it. During these past two weeks, she has now undergone four brain surgeries, two of which were emergency life-saving surgeries, and my wife and I have been living at the hospital with her.

Happily, we brought her home late this past Friday and she is doing wonderfully. And as you can see, she’s all “thumbs up” and was more than ready to get out of the hospital and back home. image

We still have a long road ahead of us in the treatment of the underlying cause of the situation; however, she is out if immediate danger and gets to rest at home for several weeks before we go back and learn what the next chapter of this story will entail.

The unbelievable amount of support, well wishes, prayers, emails, CaringBridge posts, voicemails, cards, texts, DMs, etc., from literally around the world, that you all (partners, co-workers, friends, family, etc.) have shared during this time with my family and me has been beyond words, and I cannot thank each and every one of you enough. I truly cannot put my gratitude into words.

So as I ease my way back into work and start sifting through the literally 3/4 GB+ of email sitting in my inbox, if there is something pressing that you have sent my way over the past two weeks, please know that I have seriously been completely unplugged during this. As such, if it is urgent, please resend it to me as you can be pretty sure I have not seen it; otherwise, I will be making my way through all of the stuff waiting for me here in the office and will get back to you as I work through it all.

Thank you all again for the unbelievable amount of support and understanding you have shared during the past two weeks. It means more than words can express.

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