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Where do those questions and the feedback come from?

Yesterday I was asked a (rather ironic) question by a partner that I thought was a perfect topic to put up here in case any of you are wondering the same. The question went like this:

“I subscribe to your blog and have seen several of your posts talk about the subject coming from a question (or feedback) you got from a partner. How or where do partners get the chance to ask you questions?”

First, do you see the ironic part of this question? It was a partner asking me (a question) about how partners can ask me a question. (They were doing what they were trying to figure out how to do). Ok, maybe it’s just me, but I found it interesting.  Smile

Anyway, back to the point of this post. Yes, it is true that several of the posts I put up here come from either direct or indirect questions and feedback I receive or see/hear from partners, because I believe those questions or pieces of feedback are ones that other partners could potentially benefit from knowing. So where do these questions or pieces of feedback come from? Here are several of them:

Let’s start with my Blog itself. If you look at the top of my blog, you will see a social media bar providing links to connect with me with my Twitter account, my LinkedIn account, my Blog, my Facebook account, and a give feedback button. You can choose any of those methods to reach me, and you can always post comments to any of my posts here on the blog. image
image Another way is to go to my “About Me” page, which you can access by clicking the “About Me” button shown above or simply going to See? I made it easy to find. Smile On my “About Me” page, I once again have a “Connect with me” bar across the top of the page with links to the relevant different ways to connect with me.

Now what if you didn’t know about any of my online locations at all? No problem at all. If you were to just type “Eric Ligman Microsoft” into any search engine (like Bing), my “About Me” page shows up right on top and several (thousand) other links to information about/from me.


In fact, you really don’t even need to include the “Microsoft” if you don’t want, but it helps to weed out a couple of other Eric Ligmans out there. Just for kicks, I did this search of “Eric Ligman” in Bing, and take a look at the suggested “Related Searches” that Bing brought back. Bing is smart enough to get you pointed in the right direction of “Microsoft.”  Smile

Those are just a few of the ways where I get input, feedback and questions from partners from all over. In addition, I often come across questions raised by partners in several other places, like: in-person meetings/events, online forums, phone calls, blogs, any of the social media tools listed above, and more. So as you can see, the questions and feedback from partners that lead to those posts on my blog come from a wide range of places and those places are also where you can find additional ways to connect with me, including questions and feedback.

Thanks again for all of the input and feedback you all have provided over the years and I’m looking forward to interacting with many more of you in the future.

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