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The Big Easy Offer is back! Partner subsidy funds are waiting for you.

imageOnce again, one of the most popular promotions that we have offered over the years, the Big Easy Offer, is back! That’s right, the Big Easy Offer that provides a subsidy check to customers who make qualifying license purchases that they can they use with a Microsoft partner of their choice for implementation of the Microsoft solution, including software, hardware, and services.

This time the highly popular program is applicable for qualifying purchases made from September 19, 2011 through December 31, 2011 (and is running in the U.S. only at this time), and as in previous iterations of this promotion, it is for licenses purchased under the following qualifying programs:

  • Open License
    • Open Business License (License Only)
    • Open Local Government License (License Only)
  • Open Value
    • Open Value License and Software Assurance (L&SA) for Commercial and Government
    • Open Value Subscription for Commercial and Government

One of the great things about the Big Easy Offer is that the amount of the subsidy that a customer receives increases as they acquire additional qualifying solutions, as they choose Professional/Enterprise versions of the products, and/or Software Assurance with their qualifying licenses vs. a license only purchase. One fantastic new component to the Big Easy Offer is the addition of Microsoft Online Services, such as Microsoft Office 365, as qualifying products for the offer.

Here are a few examples of the Corporate per license partner subsidy amounts and how they increase based on which licensing program you acquire your licensing through, in addition to the opportunity through Microsoft Online Services with the Big Easy Offer:

  Open License Open Value Open Value Subscription
Office Professional Plus




Windows 7 Pro Upgrade $0 $5 $7
SharePoint Server




Now let’s take a look at some of the Microsoft Office 365 partner subsidy amounts per qualifying subscription license acquired through Microsoft Online Services, which have been added in this new iteration of the Big Easy Offer:

  Plan K1 Plan P1 Plan E1 Plan E4
Office 365 $7 $11 $18 $49

The sample partner subsidy amounts above are only a few of the Microsoft solutions included in the Microsoft Big Easy Offer. For the full list of qualifying products included in the Big Easy Offer, as well as the full Terms & Conditions, information about the promotion, form to redeem your partner subsidy funds, subsidy estimate calculator, and more, head out to the Microsoft Big Easy Offer page. You might also want to take a look at the Big Easy Offer post that the U.S. Partner Team has up on their blog (which is built into the Microsoft Partner Info mobile app under the Countries section by clicking on “U.S. Partner”).

Be sure to let your clients in the U.S. know about the Big Easy Offer being available now and what it means for them in terms of partner subsidy funds that they can use to fund additional software, hardware, and services you provide.

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