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How to see what eLearning courses you get included in your Software Assurance benefits

As many of you are probably already aware (and if you’re not, you should be), one of the very beneficial benefits included with Software Assurance is a benefit called “eLearning.” In fact, training is one of the very beneficial Software Assurance benefits that is underutilized by many clients. Here’s a quick video that gives you an overview of some of the training benefits you have access to as a Software Assurance member.

For this post, I wanted to let you know how you can find out what eLearning courses you get access to as a Software Assurance member, based on an inquiry I received from a partner asking this on behalf of one of their clients. Once you identify which eLearning courses are included, I would highly suggest that if you are a partner, be sure your clients are getting the most out of the training that they receive at no additional cost. In fact, you should take the proactive approach to see what eLearning courses your clients already have access to, based on the Software Assurance they acquired from you, and bring it to their attention with a plan on how they can utilize that training. This is a fantastic way to not only add additional value to your relationship with your client, but it also helps them down the path of training consumption, which often times leads to additional, hands-on, deeper training that you as a Microsoft partner provide in your standard set of offerings.

To see what Software Assurance benefits are included, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Microsoft online Software Assurance and Volume Licensing Product Catalog
  2. To filter on which courses are included in your SA benefits:
    • Under Program Type, select SA
    • Under Offer Type, select SA Systems, SA Applications and/or SA Server
      • You can also search for particular courses based on keywords by using the search text box as well
    • Select a language if you are interested in viewing courses only in a specific language
    • Click on “View Report”
    • This will display the matching SA benefits eligible courses


As you can see, you will be able to see which courses are included in SA Systems, SA Applications, and/or SA Servers coverage based on the checks showing under each:


If you want to get the report of the matching SA benefits eligible courses in an offline Excel sheet, click on the Excel export button to download it.


As mentioned above, eLearning is just one of many benefits included in Software Assurance. To find out more about all of the benefits included in Software Assurance, I would suggest heading out to the Software Assurance website, which includes a bunch of information, including:

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