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Want to be a Microsoft VLSC preview site tester? How to let us know.

imageIn my Changes coming to Microsoft Volume Licensing Service Center (VLSC) August 15th post here on the blog on Monday, I mentioned that for the upcoming changes coming to the Microsoft Volume Licensing Service Center, we currently have users from customers and partners already using the new interface (and have for awhile) as their primary interface through a VLSC Preview Program. In fact, if you look at several of the screenshots I shared in my How to, for some typical/requested items in the new VLSC interface post, you will see the word “Preview” included in several headers and even some places where it says, “Standard VLSC site” in the header as well. In addition, I mentioned that we have been having interactions with these users through online feedback and phone calls to get their input on the new site before launch.

Well, a question that I have been getting through several channels since that post is, “How does someone get to be part of the VLSC Preview program process and can we sign up?”

Great question! Here is the answer:

  • If you are interested in potentially participating in one of our future VLSC Preview programs, I have posted a quick online form where you can let us know about your interest in participating..
  • To be clear though, the VLSC Preview program for the August 15th release is now closed (meaning we are not adding additional users for this release anymore), so you are letting us know about your interest in being part of a future VLSC Preview program, not becoming part of the current one.

As I note on the online form, submitting your form lets us know about your interest in participating and will get you added to our list of potential participants that we will look to for possible participants in future VLSC Preview programs; however, submitting a form does not guarantee your participation in an upcoming program. I just didn’t want to not set proper expectations and have everyone that submits a form think that it is an online reservation form that “locks” a spot for you in the next VLSC Preview program. At the same time, submitting a form does not require you to participate either. If you are chosen and we reach out to you for possible inclusion in the future and for some reason you don’t want to participate at that time, you can opt out.

So if you are interested in being a potential candidate for a future VLSC Preview program opportunity, please take the 1-2 minutes and submit the online form to let us know.

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